Preparing Between Dai Thousand: Heavy Afforestation

Under Dao Thousand forests seemed to sleep after a long dry season, when the early rain seeds fell to suddenly wake up, many forest replies formed help livelihoods for poor parts. As a result, their lives reduce the more difficult parts, gradually stabilize.0: 00/4: 56Nam Northern people who take bamboos to have experienced and workmanship to grab and collect forest bamboo bamboo Flat asphalt in the border district EA Soup as a soft silk strip runs between the forest. We met many women in the forest to pick the medicine leaves, get bamboo shoots and mushrooms. Their faces are hardships

. Do Thu Thu Hien (Ea Soups) for more than a decade of forest shoots. Every year, in the septic season, she and some relatives in the village package, bringing water to each other to the forest cover, in the field of shooting. They go from early morning to 1-2 pm
Each day earns 30-40 kilograms of fresh bamboo shoots. Forest shoots have many types: Le, Nua, Truc ... Best is bambou. Bamboo shoots sell 8 thousand VND / kg fresh bamboo shoots. Small but meat bamboo shoots, fragrance, each kilogram of fresh bamboo shoots sold 15-17 thousand dong. Every day, one earns 500-600 thousand dong. Many people call this forest forests, because it only appears at least a month of rainy season, to the dry season is almost no longer. People with bamboo shoots to bring to the market to sell legs, Sister Hien grass, Under the old bamboo body, use a knife to dig bamboo shoots
"Bamboo shoots are about 20 cm tall for pedaling, higher, use a tight knife. New bamboo shoots must use a knife. To find delicious bamboo shoots to find olive dust with big leaves, low trees, located in an airy area, especially edge streams. The sampler must have a crystal eye, need feet, strong hands, "Sister Hien said. The people took the bamboo shoots from this dust to another. The sun stands the ball but none of them intends to eat for lunch. This season or afternoon rain, the sky is dark, they enlist the bamboo shoots and peel off. When they are tired they only take sip of water. With the woman of Son Chuyen area, the rainy season is the most expected time, promising their dream income. The heavy bamboo shoots bring about warm meals for the family. Being in the middle of the cemorophobic bodies like a female hand painted, she worshiped Chang and said, "Every day, she also takes fifty signs. For her family, it was a big amount from the falling heaven to be able to worry about the housework, but what did this epidemics do for money. "Ba Nong Thi Lan (Cu M'lan commune, Ea Soup district) nearly 20 Year of collecting forest shoots Share: "Most people who live from forest shoots, they do not exploit in the destruction style. When collecting bamboo shoots, people always leave many young trees, so every year there are bamboo shoots to get. Although this profession is very difficult, hard, but with us, Loc forest only has a season, then rely on for a living ". Before, shoots are often wholesaler because few people know, sometimes only 50-60 thousand dong. Bien Bien Time, Ea Soups, are famous, affordable, so many people come to buy. Bamboo shoots are sold according to signs, depending on different times. Normally in the shoots, traders around the bamboo shoots in large quantities for processing for Tet markets. Thus, the person who grabbed the bamboo shoots hard when retailing. "Getting bamboo shoots to rotate in each forest, fields. Today took this area, Mai had to take another area, a few days later returned to the original area. The person who took a few kiloms of bamboo shoots was okay, but to get fresh bamboo shoots from 40 kg or more to be skilled, "Ms. Hien said. The summer of the summer children is a chain of children according to their parents , crept into the forest to earn extra money from forest shoots. Every afternoon, the children are skinny, the baby is tight with heavy bamboo shoots. Adults equipped with gloves, shoes carefully to protect the body. And small floods, they went into the forest innocently, when they returned to the purple legs because of cold, the hands of blood bumped because of a scratched scratchy. The rainy days, the small toe curled up, clinging to the road to prevent slippery. market. That day, Bamboo Bamboo was priced at 7,000 VND / kg, Truc Truc 13 thousand VND / kg, non-beautiful shoots only sold 3 -4 thousand VND / kg. "This shooting season I don't take any day, so enough money to buy books and your favorite books", H'Tam (grade 6), holding 50 thousand on hand, showing off the other, this land mountain deep forest, Many bamboo away for a moment is a full sword, people only take a little vegetable, and are considered as removed. Bamboo shoots are taken to grow into trees. Now the forest is far from trafficking so it is necessary to find bamboo shoots to go to the deep forest to hope when the sun goes to the mountain. We are attached to a small forest shooting, difficult life, very familiar suffering. Bamboo shoots are joy, have money to cover life and let children go to school. The woman experienced a few dozen soyboys here spread. With his skills, and his experience, the guy Thi Sang (Ea Xia commune) holding a knife to tighten a double forest bamboo and agile cleaning of shells, Road immediately peeled white mess. Ask the money gained, she laughed, "she has more than a dozen hides

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