Preparing To Be Embalming, ‘corpse’ Suddenly Wake Up Through The Hospital

When preparing to be executed by the students, the woman suddenly opened his eyes, sat up and ran out of the bodies. HOA HUA HUA HOA HOA (University of Benin Teaching Hospital) Benin City, Bang Edo, Nigeria. A woman suddenly resurrected before being taken away. Learn Benin. What are the communication reports that do not reveal what her death cause

. The woman suddenly lives up, going everywhere in the hospital. Then, the group of medical students of Benin University is said to use the exam The woman's body to practice embalming. At the time of incident, the students placed a woman's body on the table, taking off her clothes to prepare to conduct the mummy process
No one doubts, just now, the body of the person Women suddenly moved. Soon after, "death" suddenly opened his eyes, sat up and climbed down from the table, naked completely and calmly stepped out of the body. A series of women's actions made the group of students horror, screaming and ruttered and ran away, causing the hospital. Everyone stood around watching and no one dared to help. In this moment , the woman still calmly walked around the morgue in a nude state and was extremely confused, not knowing why I was here and stripped of such clothes. During this time, perhaps because she was too scared, no one dared to help the woman or give her something to shield the body. After the death of the die to live is widely posted on Social networking sites, has made great attention. Most people believe that the biggest responsibility belongs to doctors who signed a death certificate for the woman. They almost killed a normal healthy person. Currently, it is unclear how relevant authorities in the locality will handle this incident
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