Presentation Of Hanoi People During Mid-autumn Festival

Presentation of Hanoi people with special stories such as Mr. La La Vong fishing, Dr. Huyen, the conipherent child, procedure lights; Bonus of Hanoi's moon ..

. will be referred to the public through online display 'Mid-Autumn Festival' by Thang Long Heritage Conservation Center - Hanoi will hold 9: 00/2: 30 domain Male in the situation of distance prevention and control of Covid - 19, through online form, Thang Long Heritage Conservation Center - Hanoi wishes to transmit visitors to the important meaning of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Accordingly, with the theme to display "Mid-Autumn Sum" helps themselves and their relatives still experience a muddy season, safely and filled with the joy of union members. Center for Thang Long - Hanoi Heritage Survor in 2019
Photo: Re-ton. Specifically, online display "Mid-Autumn Festival" sent pictures and stories about traditional mid-autumn, around the tray Mid-Autumn Festival, Warm, Rich in Love and Mid-Autumn Festival toys The lovers that the parents give to you every Mid-Autumn Festival. Displaying the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival tray of Hanoi in the early 20th century based on the drawing materials, signs of Henri Oger, Nguyen Tuan, Phan Ke Binh, Vu Bang.In the Mid-Autumn Festival. The paper is located in the most formal position showing that the desire of his desire is good and successful. Next is the moon cake, usually with flexible cakes, baked cakes, Saozhou cakes, green beans, shaped fruit shaped cakes from colorful dyed powder and autumn animals like nuggets, pink, na, banana, Grapefruit, chestnuts. The night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the whole family gathered on the tray, children held the lamp picking lamp, lights, lion dance, playing folk games; Adult bonused the moon, eating cakes, drinking tea or drinking Lake Len West with boiled snails with ginger leaves, ginger or snail stuffed with ginger leaves; Some places also listen to the blank singing song. Besides, through the online exhibition, the viewer will have access to the types of toys restored in the neck under the talented hands of artisans in the old streets and Thang Long village. In the early years of the 20th century, in Hanoi, the Mid-Autumn Toys were extremely rich, made from many different materials such as paper, soil, powder, wood, western, cotton and cellular paper. Online display at the address Hoangthanhthanglong
vn and, the public will meet historians, cultural experts through video clips talking about Traditional Mid-Autumn Festival with the theme "Mid-Autumn Festival Sum "in the context of translation of Covid; Presentation of Hanoi people with special stories such as Mr. La La Vong fishing, Dr. Huyen, the conipherent child, procedure lights; Enjoy the moon of Hanoi people.

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