Preserve And Embellish National Relics Of Lower Temple

Project to conserve and embellish national relics Lower Temple Lia is in the historical national cultural relic, belonging to the papers of Tan Vien Son Hoi, in Minh Quang commune, Ba Vi district has recently been officially available. Khac Cong. The project of renovating the lower Temple is expected to be completed in December 2022. According to the book "Shanxi province" of Pham Xuan Dieu, the Lower Temple called Tay Cung worshiping the class: Tan Vien Son holy , Cao Son Dai Vuong and Quy Minh Dai Vuong. Liability, small, painted three young brothers from Middle Middle Cave to Ngoc Xau Mountain soup, many dinner times did not come home, must cut the forest trees to sleep again

. After being Ms. Ma Thi Cao Son in the mountain of Tan Vien will leave all assets, Son Tinh to Ngoc Xacment Mountain, teaching rice cultivation, therapy, healing, chasing the invaders. Later, the people built the temple right here to worship Him and called the Lower Temple to commemorate, recognize the thank you
LuxembLot is recognized as a national historical historical relic from 2008. Year 2018 , related to the temple, the customs of the saint, are recognized as national intangible heritage. Due to being built up a hundred years ago, under the impact of the weather, the Lower Temple was increasingly serious. In 1993, the local people and the Public Germany conducted the Lower Preferences, but now the project continues to degrade. The project of conservation, embellishment and promoting the value of Temple of Temple of Ha Interior approved, invested by Ba Vi district People's Committee. Before starting, the project was partially conducted thanks to the main funding from socialization. The unfinished part was started this time with a total investment of nearly VND 30 billion, including categories: Model house, Hoi Huu Vu Chair, Beer House, Brewery, Guest House, Nghi Mon Internal, System Air road car park. Construction bid units are Manh Quan Company Limited (heads in Cam Thuong Commune, Ba Vi District). Execution time for about 1 year, is expected to be completed on December 30, 2022. The lower-shaped architecture, follow the back of the back of the Ba Vi mountain, turning to the side of the Da River
In addition to the yard, there are stones with the words "Tan Vien from signing" (notes about Tan Vien Temple), built in the first German year (1848) Nguyen Dynasty. The content of beer said the Temple was built largely, King Tu Duc was granted 2,000 money to build a temple. Temple Hay is also called "Temple of People" that is due to 5 people (Trung Nghia Dan Trung Vu, Dan Dong Luan, Luong Khe, Dan Voi, Thach Xa of the total salary transmission) Phung, Photo: Hoa An

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