Preserving Hundred-year-old Tea Gardens In Quang Tri Red Land

The hundred-year-old tea garden in the country, Cam Lo district, Quang Tri province has just brought the value of economic development to local people and has an important significance in tourism development. 4: 23 NULTUREN Southern ancient tea garden typical in the region, in Cam Chinh commune, Cam Lo district. (Source: About the land, lost into large tall green tea gardens, feeling like lost into a distant fairy domain. Tempered bodies on nurse, moss have tinged with time and undergoing a lot of ups and downs of history such as witnesses living in the land of affectionate love

. The basalt red lands include 2 CAM Nghia communes and Cam Chinh, in Cam Lo district, Quang Tri province, there are still many old tea gardens with an average life expectancy of 70-100 years, many trees are planted more than 150 years ago, sticking with the whole life. This land is rubber trees, pepper with large areas of hectares, bringing changes in people's lives. However, before the industrial crop has not yet developed strongly on this land, the green tea tree is also the main tree, creating a significant source of revenue for relatives
Therefore, this place remains many green tea gardens of nearly 1 ha, originating hundreds of years. Almost far from delicious quality as well as longevity, long-term tea gardens over 100 years It was a pride of the people of the people. Mr. Hoang Ms. Hoang Thi Thoai (72 years), Mai Trung village, Cam is one of the most perennial tea trees. The ancient tea garden of her family currently has over 100 original tea with over 100 years old and hundreds of old tea trees with a tens of years. On average, a year of her family earned a profit from tea garden to be about 30 million dong. This ancient tea with a very fragrant, delicious taste is famous, popular with Quang Tri people. Adults are taken, children shower, shower to avoid chrome, tea leaves such as a kind of "medicine" for farmers in this country. Talk to collect tea leaves from the old tea trees in the garden of the family
(Source: Antique tea plant like only born to spend on this land, has many places to cultivate but difficult to succeed. The ancient tea tree has a long life of hundreds of years but the people here are almost not to fertilize, irrigate what the tea tree is stable, full of life from this life to another life to rise to green, for leaves Young green. The tea trees are highly trimmed by people, cut down the canopy and branches from breaking into the rainy season but still nearly 10m high, 30-40cm stem diameter. The most special thing to pick up the leaves of this ancient tea, the relatives must be north to cut. Each kg of fresh tea leaves are purchased by merchants for 4,000-6,000 VND. For the people of the people, the ancient tea plants are not only economic value but also with the core, the bravery of a country from a country Claims. Ancient tea with small leaves when cooking will have many people in it. Newly drinking in a bitter taste, but when swallowing, it saves the sweetness and fragrance in the oral cavity. Tea leaves when cooking to the second country, the third are still fragrant. In this area, glass of green tea is an indispensable thing in the daily lives of the people here. In Cam Ga commune, there are more than 100 households who are growing old tea, the house has few trees but there are houses with goods Hundreds of trees have a life of over 100 years old. Currently, the traditional tea rows are paid very high, averaging over 10 million / principal, especially at a longer life of over 150 years to be paid for tens of millions of dong. With a special value and special meaning His, today people are still trying to protect and keep their children. Ms. Nguyen Thi Tien (80 years old), Mai Trung village, Cam Chinh commune said the old tea roots of her family were older than 120 years. Over the years, many people come to buy with a price of 7-10 million / base of tea to grow at a restaurant, restaurant, cafe ... but she definitely doesn't sell because not only her children in the house These tea trees as a family of families have witnessed the fun, sadness, event of the generation throughout the years. This day, the old tea garden is dyed in a long-sleeved time. Survive and growing. The new tea gardens are extracted by the people, sowing seeds that flush the vitality between the sun, the wind and the rich red soil rich growing on the hills. On the old tea gardens, the new tea gardens are still in proliferation. . These tea gardens have just yielded the economic development value of local people and have an important meaning in tourism development. Being continuing to survey, mobilize people to recover, preserve those Ancient tea garden as well as maintaining the quality of the commune's tea garden. In the coming time, we will plan to build tea brands associated with spiritual tourism as well as maximizing the strength of agricultural products and translation

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