President Biden Dismissed Officials By Mr. Trump Installed

The White House announced that President Joe Biden fired Mr. Andrew Saul - who was appointed by Mr. Trump to the leadership of the Social Security Agency - after he refused to resign. The White House Report the role of people The head of Mr. Saul at the Social Security Agency (SSA) ended on July 9, according to Washington Post

. "Since taking office, Mr. Saul only weaken SSA and politically politically subsidized subsidies Society, "White House Representative said. At the same time, he said Mr
Saul also operate against SSA's mission and President's policy. In 2019, Mr. Saul was approved by the US Senate Leading SSA with a 6-year term.So with other positions, US President cannot easily manage SSA heads. This powers are given to a committee. Biden's current decision is given After the Ministry of Justice concluded the President "It was possible to dismiss the head of SSA". In the meantime, Mr. Saul still affirmed to continue working remotely on July 12. Tong Andrew Saul, I headed SSA. Photo: Chip Somodevilla
In the process of finding replacers, President Biden granted temporary SSA leaders to Ms. Kilolo Kijakazi, who is currently in charge of SSA's retirement and disability policy. Saul is Mr. David Black who resigned at the request of President Biden. The Republican Party members at the beaches have criticized the decision of the Biden government as "Party". Senate Mitch McConnell and Senator Chuck Grassley opposed the decision to fire Mr. Saul.Trish, the Democratic Party members supported Mr. Biden's decision. Established in 1935, SSA has been under the management of the Ministry of Y Mediterranean, before becoming an independent agency under the supervision of the government since 1994.SSA keeps an important task in supervising, ensuring and implementing social security policies in the US.

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