President President Claims Afghanistan Calling For Negotiations When The Taliban Attacks Panjshir

The recent tribal head escaped Panjshir to the Washington Post that the Taliban was carrying out some illegal execution cases for civilians and the list of abuse made increasingly increased. Công Amrullah Saleh sent the United Nations to the Situation of Panjshir's situation. Photo: AFP. Before that, the BBC reported that there were 20 civilians were killed by the Taliban in some areas of Panjshir Province, where the Taliban and the resistance front was still fierce with fighting.The Washington Post reportedly, last weekend, the Taliban was blocked in Panjshir province of Afghan, rejecting the food of residents and performing some illegal murders

. A recent tribal chief escaped with the sheet The Washington Post that, "8 civilians killed in Panjshir 3 days ago was not a supporter of the resistance or Taliban". Highlight the humanitarian crisis taking place in Panjshir valley, Presidential Rights Clating Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh Last week called the United Nations to do his best to stop the Taliban's intense attack into resistance to the alarm in Panjshir's situation, Mr. Saleh in a letter sent contact United States said a large-scale humanitarian crisis happening across Panjshir and 3 and 3 districts Rabs in Baghlan province is economically blocked by Taliban and a power, telecommunications
"We called on the United Nations and the international community efforts to stop the Taliban attack into Panjshir Province Encourage, negotiate a political solution to ensure thousands of civilians have to evacuate and stay saved ". Taliban in Panjshir Province, northeastern Afghanistan. Photo: AP (taken on September 8, 2021). Monday, speaking before the Human Rights Council, Michelle Bachelet - The United Nations People's Royal Commission warned a "new and dangerous stage" Afghanistan. She has invoked "many" accused that the Taliban conducted a housing search to find people who worked for the previous government or people who collaborated with the US Security Force and allies. Bachelet told the 47-member board when opening the Council's autumn session on "with the difference between the words and actions of the new authorities of Afghanistan". However, today, Deputy Minister Information and culture and spokesman of Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid denied recent reports of human rights watchdogs and said they did not violate human rights. Zabiullah Mujahid said that their warriors did not commit any What kind of war crimes in Panjshir province and add that the organization will be entitled to access the scene and investigate allegations. The spokesman in a statement says that human rights watchdogs should not be medical Spirit for false and vigorous information of enemies.Taliban and opposition forces have fought to Ki Control Panjshir valley in northern Kabul, the final province of Afghanistan against the group
Former Vice President Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh, along with Ahmad Massoud leaders of resistance, still trying to resist Taliban.Hong Han (under The Timeofindia)

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