President Putin Must Be Isolation

Russian President Vladimir Putin is self-isolation because some people around him have been recorded with Covid-19, according to APA.02: 00/1: Southern Southern Union is given while the Kremlin announced the electricity Talk between President Putin and President Tajik Emomali Rahmon. The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Putin was "completely healthy", but it would be self-isolation after contact with the infected person. When I was asked if Putin had a negative test test Virus or not, Mr. Peskov confirmed: "Of course yes"

. The Kremlinian spokesman does not specify who among those who are exposed to Putin with Covid-19, just saying that some cases have been recorded Get. Mr. Peskov also did not specify how long is the isolation time but ensuring that the President will continue to work as usual
Putin supervises the Zapad-2021 exercise on September 13. Photo: Reuters. So, President Putin will not be able to go to Tajikistan this week to attend regional security meetings. Before that, on September 13, at the meeting with Paralympic athletes, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared He may have to be isolation itself after there are many under-the-suicing staff. "Even close to me are having problems with Covid-19", Putin said. On September 13, the Russian President attended military exercises in collaboration with Belarus and met Syrian President Bashar Assad. Putin was fully vaccinated with Vaccine Sputnik V in April. Minh an

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