President Putin: Russian Aviation Industry Has A Great Potential For Development

Russian leaders stressed that the future of the airline industry will focus on developing unmanned flight vehicles, robot systems and artificial intelligence applications. Putin president spoke at the opening ceremony International Aerospace Exhibition (MAKS) 2021 on July 20. Photo: TassPart at the opening ceremony of the International Aerospace Exhibition (MAKS) 2021 in Zhukovsky, Moscow, on July 20, Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed that the air aviation industry has a lot of potential develope. "What we witnessed today at MASK 2021 in Zhukovsky City clearly that Russian aviation industry has a great potential for development, and our aircraft industry continues to create aircraft types. New competition "Putin president said Russian aircraft manufacturers received orders for modern Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft series, while revealing advanced MC-21 aircraft

. Soon being taken into the test flying. The Kremlin head also notes that the production of modern and effective modern equipment will help Russia strengthen the leading position in the field of aerospace industry. According to President Putin, the Russian aviation industry also has a strength in the field of basic research and development
"Russian scientific organizations have successfully achieved" in the entire breakthrough field, with a significant part of which are introduced on the MAKS website, "President Putin said. Leadership Russia also pointed out that unmanned aircraft, robot systems and artificial wisdom are the areas of developing in the future of the aviation industry. "Maks looks into the future. And the future is located on unmanned aircraft, using robot system, artificial intelligence application in aviation. All of these new technologies are widely introduced in Maks" - Mr. Putin noted.Maks 2021 is one of Russia's largest defense events this year, taking place from 20-25 July in Zhukovsky City, the suburb of Moscow capital. In addition to Russian companies, Some Western aircraft manufacturers also attended MAs 2021, including Boeing of Europe and Airbus of Europe. In particular, Airbus is a passenger aircraft A350-1000 to display at the exhibition. The Maks exhibition is The first organization in August 1992 called MosaeroShow-92, was later renamed in 1993 and held 2 years once
This is the largest public event in Russia with about 500,000 attendees. Exhibition Maks 2001 Recognition of record participants of 660,000. Nguyen Phuong (According to Tass)

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