Press Awards Vna 2020: Affirming Professionalism, Cohesion And Sense Of Responsibility

Welcome to the 76th anniversary of the tradition of Vietnam News Agency (September 15, 1945-15 / 9/2021), September 15, Vietnam News Press Awards (VNA) in 2020 Sporting on the information page Executive information VNA at the address: at the ceremony, General Director, Chairman of the Association of Vu Viet Vu Viet Joint Stock Company determination: "professionalism, cohesion and sense of responsibility" are the keywords of the VNA to 2020

. The commitment, the professional working method of reporters, editors, technicians ..
It is the driving force for people to work in the commune to overcome difficulties and challenges, contributing to preserving the core values of VNA information. It is correct, timely, humanistic information, for national and ethnic benefits. On this occasion, Vu Viet Trang General Director launched a prize of VNA in 2021; Expressing trust This will be a successful season, converging many excellent and high quality journalisms of information units throughout the industry. "Hopefully that members of the Association will be positive , is responsible for attending the tournament. On the basis of industry press results, we will choose the best works to attend the National Process in 2021. We trust and expect that the VNA In 2021, there will be a successful season, with many high quality press works "- General Director Vu Viet Trang said. Program nearly 40 minutes, introducing an overview of the process of organizing and operating activities finals, finals; Share some reporters and editors during the operational process; Honor author, winning work in 8 items. In particular, music videos on the song "Heart Nan Tan", Doan Vien, Thanh Nien TTXVN in the country and abroad to bring a playful atmosphere, showing the determination to continue the transmission The system of generations of newspapers, contributing to fulfilling the information of the National Information Agency on the Road Integration and Development. The Press Reward VNA 2020 has 335 contest works, including all types: printed newspapers; Photo press; TV; electronic media; Multimedia information; Graphics .
. The jury has worked seriously, responsibly, selects 69 works of the authors, the group of excellent authors in 7 press categories; 8 Thematic Awards to honor good works, encouragement, encouragement of authors / groups of authors and units with impressive achievements in 2020. In the type of journalism, Award A was awarded Works "Efforts to save people in landslides in Tra Leng (Quang Nam)" by Tran Le Lam (RESPONSIBILITIES IN DA NANG). A television genre belongs to the work of "soldiers White Blouse in Da Nang's epidemic "by Dang Vuong Loi Group, Tran Vy Thi, Hoang Thi My Ha, Nguyen Viet Phan Duc (Television Center Branch in Da Nang). The highest name in category News, post reflections, interviews, records are the work of "Grassroots Party Congress: Roots - Roots" of Vu Thi Quynh Hoa Author Group, Hoang Anh Tuan, Phan Thanh Vu, Vu Hoang Giang (Ban Domestic editing and permanent agencies in Ho Chi Minh City, Bac Kan) won a prize at the type of reportage, investigation is the "unusual ship registration in Dak Lak, Dak Nong" Author Phan Anh Dung, Nguyen Ng Hearing Minh, Mai Hung Thinh (Dak Lak and Dak Nong (permanent residence agency in Dak Nong). A variety of editorials, comments, discussions, materials are given to the bunch of "Fighting against the wrong conclusions in Translation of Covid-19 "of Ninh Hong Russia Group and Tran Ngoc Tu (News Newspaper). Open electronic newspaper, Award A has belongs to the work of" Cycups of Cat Ba Ly: Pain "By the author Vo Manh Hung (VietnamPlus Electronic Newspaper). For the category of Foreign Information, a prize A has been given to the Beam" EVFTA and EvPa Agreement from the strategic view "by the author Nguyen Thanh Nga , Bui Thi Phuong, Nguyen Ngan Huong and Tran Van Truong (Le Courrier du Vietnam Newspaper). At the same time, 17 prizes B, 21 Award C, 25 consolation prizes were also given to authors / groups of author with work Excellent. Also, to promote, improve the quality of information of the national news agency, in addition to the announced awards, the organizers have chosen to award thematic awards for or in works gym okay; Specifically like the award: "graphic information", "Multimedia work on VNA", "impressive television program", "The work of the editorial board and many permanent agencies", " Works linking effective areas "," Prospective reporter relief "," Reporters are committed "," Reporters take a variety of types ". According to the Organizer, the tournament has many good signals like : The number of workers of resident agencies is more than every year in many types and types of press. There are works that are the results of the largest creativity and cooperation ever, due to the collection of participation, coordination of many production units

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