Pressure To ‘party To Ben’ Post-blockade

Behind the funny times, a series of daring check-in images on social networks, many young people feel pressure when they have to have a perfect party experience in 200:00 / 3: 10 South "I Creating pressure on yourself when partialing, trying to have a 'perfect night' for fear where I live will fall into blockade again, "said George Atallah (27 years old), living in the capital Amman (Jordan), answered Vice.After the German government lifted the blockade order in May, he went to Berlin city and enjoyed the vibrant summer parties. Young people in the UK Enjoy a party life After the government, it lifted most of the command to restrict the Covid-19 translation room. Photo: Ap.nh often publishes images, the clip records your scene and friends eating, dancing every night with wine glasses

. However, Atallah said that the realistic experience was not gorgeous, like what was shown on social networks. "Recently, my friend was sick because of drinking too much alcohol in the outing session. I have to take care of She was in the medical room at the nightclub
When she fans, she recently recovered. However, no one posted Story or mentioned to this event online, "he said.Theo Vice, more than a year Living the middle of the pandemic, making the party trend of young people changes. Now, it seems that everyone can force themselves to have a maximum experience in every fun and share them with the network community. So many people feel pressured when they have to "party to Ben", difficult Enjoy the entire at the outing. "I was afraid to make Covid-19 and spread to my parents when I go home, but still accept the risk when going to the nightclub. Because of the hope every session must be perfect, worthy, I and my friends feel pressure to have a great time and easily disappointed if everything is unlike ", Olivia Walsh (24 years old), from West Sussex (England), said. Young people try to show off Template on social networks, though not really happy, as comfortable as I show. Photo: Reuters. Unlike the experience unlike, the young people still try "To Hong" the joy with pictures, daring and vibrant clips
Olivia is always ready to telephone on hand, constantly taking photos and posted on a personal page. "I was worried, tired, but still pretended to be like everything perfect. Really confess, I have a desire to go soon Remake to avoid partying, "she cocong.matthew Sandham (23 years old), from Lancaster (England), also experienced a bustling summer. Since the Mist Removes Most restrictions on the translation room, he can agree with his friend without worrying. Nearly, in a gathering in a nightclub in York City, he feels See disappointment when this whole new students. He tried to pull his experience with alcohol, but immediately lost interest when his friends were too drunk. "I told everyone that night 'was happy and bold', but myself wondered if this happened It is worth spending time, money and health, "Matthew said. He can hardly reject the invitation from friends for fear of isolation feeling. "This lifestyle may be unhealthy, but we are just trying to find joy after a lonely year, loss because of epidemics". Mazad Hojjat, Social Psychologist, saying that young people are Try to prove that I have found joy at this stage. "This joy exaggeration is not strange in social psychology. Individuals trying to help themselves more confident by creating the impression that They are happy, positive, "she said. However, Hojjat recommends that young people should realize that this situation is only temporary." We are all and are going through a difficult time. Song, The exaggeration and pretending I have the perfect life only create pressure on yourself. I should reach others with sympathy to spread positive energy, "said Professor Hojjat. Linh Linh

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