Pressure Weighing On A Sub-generation In China

Many people aged 30-40 years in billion people are facing economic and cultural pressures when taking care of the old parents. They have to manage themselves without a sibling of San San.0 am: 00/5: 13 years of southern years of life until they reach the 30-year-old, Shen Feifei's life (Living in Shanghai, China) right direction. She graduated with a top university, found a job at a multinational company and married as desired. However, about 2 years, everything has changed

. Shen's parents were diagnosed with cancer and needed her to take care of. Pressure compressed made her often lose sleep. The silky black hair is gradually leaning to gray
"I never thought my parents would become their dependence. I have to go to them to see the doctor, decide on the treatment plan, soothe emotions and visit cemeteries, "Shen told Sixth Tone.Shen 2 times to spend too much time for private. She is worried that the company will soon end the contract with me. If that happens, the financial problem will weigh on the Shen family. Her husband and wife had to sell an apartment in Shanghai worth 4 million yuan (USD 617,000) to cover the cost of cancer treatment for parents. The story of the 32-year-old woman is the common pleary of that A sub-system in billion people. Many people are suffering from the demographic crisis, according to Sixth Tone. Many young people have just worked to take care of older parents. Photo: SCMP
The power overhead the Chinese number is old. According to the Government estimates, in 2050, about 1/3 of the population - nearly 500 million people - will be 60 years or older. It is a transformation that creates major economic and social challenges. This seriously affects people of Millennial. They are "a child generation", born in the period of Chinese government enforcing a national policy across the country, lasting from the late 1970-2015.When small, Millennial is the only attention focus Best of parents and foreign families. They are given a nickname "cottage" with a common personality that is irritable, overbearing and loving power. Millennial relations are in front of many invisible pressure. Photo: Sixth tone. But, this gradually changes. The "small emperor" once pampered hours must struggle to worry, all for their own families and parents, grandparents day old. They don't have brothers and sisters to share. In fact, culture and economic China make this responsibility more heavy. For those with unstable financial finances, they can hardly support relatives when illness in the most populous country in the world, children at maturity must take care of parents, economic support and economic support Comfortable spirit when they are old. The nursing about the Chinese authorities are increasing investment in the facilities taking care of the elderly but they still have to struggle to catch up with the population aging speed. In Shanghai, the local government has announced that it will provide an additional 175,000 beds in the nursing home in 2022. However, this city has still has no way to provide sufficient needs of 5.8 million people. Elderly. Private nutriter and retirement apartments are rising everywhere. But they cost up to 20,000 yuan / month - nearly double the per capita income in Shanghai. The city is trying alternative approaches, focusing on the community to take care of the elderly. Photo: Sixth Tone.Shen with her husband and 5-year-old son moved apartments near their parents. She also hired some caregivers at home to support several hours in the day. Shen's mother's condition was stable after 2 years of cancer treatment, she still depends on her and firing many caregivers . "I told me that she just wanted me to take care of, because it was a daughter's obligation. I called me a dozen every day. She was very angry if I was meeting and didn't answer, "Shen said. On the side of Shen, she doesn't want her career to be stopped. The salary helps her to pay for an expensive cancer treatment. Old mother and career on Douban Social Network, thousands of young people shared the same worry. A support group named "Exchange organization only for retired parents" attracted more than 72,000 members Since its founding at the end of 2019.Like Shen, the members are also a child. Even from middle-class families, they are still worried about how they will take care of their parents, especially When they encountered health problems. "Midnight, thinking of the sick and sick mother constantly calling me about care that I have painful", a netizen expressed. "I felt very helpless after the car accident Father's steam. I have always been protected by my parents and can't imagine what will happen without them, "someone else comment.Yi, demographic expert, said the group includes people who feel stuck . In recent decades, many Chinese youths have chosen from their homeland, to big cities or studying abroad to pursue dreams.Theo Yi, many of them have a feeling of bound , worry and confused about

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