Previously Viewed K9 Equipped With Unique Taillights

Kia K9 Upgrade version Under the edition of the news page about Koaeca.Ru cars is updated with a number of equipment that brings luxury and elegant expression instance.02: 00/1: 09 Nouthern regions See the previous version of K9 lifting version Granted by Russia's page based on the images taken during the new model spinning shows that Kia K9 is lightly refined on exterior with unique taillights.KIKIK K9 new version expected to launch In this October with some small changes with the new version of Kia K9 will be released in this October

. About the appearance, Kia K9 upgraded version owns the front of the front, inside shaping Graphics like luxurious gemstones and diamonds. Front fades are longer designs while the wheels have a new design. The first impressive new graphics lamp is impressive, the taillights are similar to the current version but have new graphics Statue with knife head shape
In the middle of the number of cars located with the bottom of the car instead of the middle of the K9 new version there will be 2 engine options including: 3.3L gasoline engine turbocharging and gasoline engine 3.8L. 5.0L engine will be removed.

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