‘princess’ Huawei Is Strong On The Plane Back To China After Being Released

Ms. Manh Lau Chu has flighted non-schedule Air China 777 departed from Vancouver International Airport at 16:29 on September 24 (local time) to fly to China. Financial governor of Technology Group Huawei was strongly in the aircraft leaving Vancouver (Canada) to China after reaching an agreement with prosecutors in New York, the United States to solve the lawsuit that made her arrested in Vancouver nearly 3 years. The plane is said to carry a strong lady to leave Canada to Canada. Photo: South China Morning Post

. According to that, she strongly acknowledged some charges, changing she will not be extradited to the United States. According to the US Federal Deputy Prosecutor David Kessler, the agreement between the two sides will end in December 2022. If it is up to that time, Ms
Manh did not have more illegal behavior, the indictment will be canceled. The above agreement not only helps her strongly fine, but also leads to the two public Canadians detained by the country, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. In a statement, the Canadian Ministry of Justice said: "Ms. Manh has been freedom to leave Canada". Strong Manh Quan Chu has flighted non-schedule Air China 777 departing from Vancouver International Airport at 16h29 on September 24 (local time) to fly to China. Radar followed showed that the plane flies directly north over the Arctic, avoiding American Alaska. It is expected that it will land Shenzhen at 19:00 on September 25 (local time). About 1 hour after the aircraft carrying her strongly took off, another plane left China to carry 2 Canadian citizens are Kovrig and Spavor. These people were arrested by China with allegations as a custody. But Canada thinks this is a hostage arrest
/Hong Anh / VOV.vn (translation) according to SCMP

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