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To ensure safety when driving on all roads, drivers should master some principles before starting a car like a driver's posture, checking the brake system ... 0: 00/3: 26 Southern regulates the gas pedal, put on the foot of the brake when driving the automatic number, if not pedaling to accelerate the driver must set foot right on the brake leg. This rule will ensure that the driver can respond promptly if a unexpected situation occurs and also avoids the mistake of the brake foot and mistake the station

. The table close to the table is one of the basic principles Best when driving. The table will give drivers to know the status of the vehicle and notify unusual incidents. In fact, new people will be easy to encounter cases like forgetting to lower their hand brakes, do not buckle or close the car glass,
.. the dashboard will let the driver know the status of the vehicle and Announcing extraordinary incidentsWhi discovered these problems, new cars will emit warning signals. But some vehicles show only the message on the display of information, if the driver does not notice will damage the parts inside the vehicle, more serious than the potential risk of failing when moving. Maintaining a safe distance with a front car to maintain a safe distance when moving on the road, the drivers should remember the rule of 3 seconds when traveling on the road or highway. This rule is practiced as follows, while walking highway, the driver should choose a landmark on the road to watch such as the lightpon, signboard, ... then start counting to 3. after counting to 3 but the car You have just reached the selected landmark, the car has created a safe distance with the front car
If less than 3 but the car has overcome this landmark, the driver needs to reduce the speed accordingly. To maintain a safe distance when moving on the road, the drivers should remember the rule of 3 seconds. 3 seconds, if the car is moving at a speed of 60 km / h, ie 16.7 m / s, the minimum safety distance with the front car will reach the range: 16.7 x 3 = 50.1 m. In terms of dark or moving in the rainy, slippery weather conditions, the driver should reduce the speed to at least 2/3 to ensure safety or apply a 4-second rule. Transferring multiple lanes at the same time with large or small cars with blind spot positions on both sides of the body and behind the car. So when redirecting or turning the car, the driver should turn the heads to look at the two sides to keep track of traffic media, make sure there are no cars into the blind spot area. Also, an important rule when moving At high speed is not to transfer multiple lanes at once, new talents often have this mistake. According to driving experience, if you want to switch lane, the driver needs to turn on Xi-Nhan to signal for the rear cars to know, and transfer every lane safely. When redirecting or turning the car, the driver should Turning your heads looking at the two sides to keep track of the vehicles in the door, watching before stepping out to the car door, it was simple, but in fact many new people opened improperly can cause ears Unfortunately. Therefore, the files should know the rules before opening the car door. To ensure safety, the driver should park the right lane, before opening the latch should observe through the rearview mirror and look ahead , If you realize really safe open the car door. Do not open a strong car right away because it can be dangerous for other vehicles moving with the side. Opening the door and watching and walking out of the car, the drivers should adhere to the left hand rule Door grip, right hand pulled the latch. Opening the door and watching and walking out of the car. In addition, with the driver should remind passengers on the car when opening the car door to ensure safety. Do not listen to the phone or take it as one of the leading causes of accidents. Many drivers were distracted when the phone vibrated, or right with the rear seats or falling to the floor. But if you go and do it, these operations will be very dangerous. Just lose focus for a few seconds on the road can lead to unfortunate accidents. When you need to listen to your phone or take it, the driver should take the car into the margin to listen to the phone or take it, then continue to move. By Thu Ha, 3 hours ago

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