Probably Divorced Only For A Child

I am not a person like a child. I am a child, so I just like a child. This is something right from when I love I once told my husband in the future. In: 00/2: 35 namkhi, he agreed and showed support. I remember himself to say, "I don't like a crowded house, the British family, you have seen all her parents and children!"

. Thanks to the person who agreed with this point of view that I was determined to learn and love and took him. So now when our first child has not been 3 years old, his parents are constantly urging me to vote now . But when I was born, I was born, at least 3 years later I was allowed to pregnant to preserve your health
But my husband's house was selfish, they wanted to see the pile of children. They want me to have at least one more baby. My family contradictory also since then, Illustrated. Illustrated. My husband's mother runs out to the father in her father. Initially I showed that my husband and I will only give birth to a baby to have the conditions to raise well, after my parents talk too much that makes me a lot of things. Seeing inefficiently, grandparents directly went to buy drugs about sharp and make me drink. I said that male drugs now don't know how, and that I don't drink the male medicine, my mother-in-law is self-loving, thinking that I quit your responsibility and consider her dearly. Since then we have a distance. We are no longer comfortable sitting with dining table
Don't intervene with me, my parents put pressure on my husband. Long gradually he tilted and suggested that he wanted to give birth. I kept it, he said I was selfish, just thinking about herself. I was right because I was the one who had to overcome the door to give birth to a child, so it was natural to protect themselves first. Since then my husband and wife became tense. In the house and spread out of the lane. Neighbors know the sound of mind. They say I have a secondary infertility, so I can behave like that. They told me to live without knowing what to maintain the arma. The husband's sisters also unshaked with me. They all talked, sent letters, chatting, texting even tricking me to see if I thought I had any problems. Once I float, my brother said: "You don't love you, I don't love it, living with him without giving birth to him?" I feel heavily insulted. More than all I see lonely. And the depth I found myself lost, no more like anything, including her husband. Now return home, I'm scared. I am afraid of the views, butterflies. It squeezed the excited emotion when raising my children. I felt that I was scorned in this family. Maybe I'm wrong to give birth? Maybe this marriage will break off, simply because I don't want to give birth? How do I have to do? Thuynguyen .... @

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