Production Of New Coffee Cells – New Directions For Agriculture

Finland scientists first developed coffee cells in the biological reactor, opening the trend of cell agriculture in the context of exhausted resources institutions.0: 00/3: 33 namsinh Coffee is created from Arabia Coffee Cells. Photo: VTT of the first Arabica coffee batches developed by VTT in the Laboratory in Finland was evaluated by experts "smells and taste like normal coffee", and alternative solution can respond Applying urgent demand for coffee in terms of this crop, requires more area for production or degradation of degradation, with countless other related issues such as deforestation, weather changes. .

. New scientific achievements of plant cell culture for Arabica coffee products born when cultured meat products are no stranger to humans, in order to deal with global climate change and Exhausted resources, it is difficult to produce enough food according to the traditional method.Theo, scientists of Finland's VTT Technical Research Center have successfully produced Arabica coffee cells Biological reactor through cell agricultural methods. This new invention is assessed to help mankind producing the most popular drinks is coffee a more sustainable way, especially when coffee trees are currently facing many sexual challenges
Coffee Arabica through plant cells in this laboratory, the cultured cell is floating in biological reactors filled with a nutritious environment used to produce products from animals and plants. Different. "At VTT, this project is part of our joint efforts to create biotechnology production methods for common products. To do this, we have used Applying different hosts, such as bacteria, but can also be plant cells, "said the team leader, Dr. Heiko Rischer said. Process began by culturing coffee cells , set the corresponding cell lines in the lab and then transfer them to biological reactors to produce biomass. After the biomass analysis, the roasted process is conducted and released a new coffee finished product will be evaluated by the Professional Sensor Council. "The whole process of production of coffee trials cultivated evenly Supervised by experts from many industries and related fields, in the field of plant biotechnology, chemistry and food science. In terms of taste, our sensory board will evaluate and analyze it and records of this type of coffee similar to traditional coffee. However, coffee dispensation is both an art and it involves optimizing and repeating under the supervision of professionals with dedicated devices
Our work has achieved the basic platforms "Dr. Rischer said. Pieli expert judgment, new coffee production process requires high techniques but easierly standardized than traditional coffee . Photo: VTTTy However, all coffee materials are produced under new laboratory conditions are food tested and should be approved by FDA as prescribed so that this product can be marketed and sold Consumers in the US. In Europe, this type of cultured coffee wants to disseminate first to be approved as "new food", can be sold to the market. VTT professionals and projects are associated with the Strategic research objectives to address the biggest challenges of the current world, and cell agriculture is one of the routes towards more sustainable food production. "Experience when clicking Ly Ly This first coffee is interesting. I estimate we will only have four years to bring technology, new production techniques and much potential into practice, when it gets approved by the management agencies. The development of plant cells requires expertise when it is necessary to expand the scale and optimize the process. especially processing and product formulas along with the approval of management agencies Ly as well as marketing activities, market introduction are additional steps on the way to become a commercial product. All that can confirm that, Now we have proven coffee culture in the lab can become a reality, "said Rischer.Kim Long

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