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Kiatisak and students still maintain practice, tactics. Now, the story V.League 2021 returns or does not return to become the most hot topic on the forums and internal clubs the set. Many teams have discharged camps, some have just listened to, just holding a player to maintain the performance .

.. depending on the manager, management methods, each team has its own way to "live with translation" , but most common worries about rice rice rice money. In that context, answer the question about the effect when V
League 2021 can return to 2022, electing Germany affirmed: "I have invested Football for 15 years now, maybe several months cannot stand it? HAGL identified from the beginning that the player was like a family person, so we had to relate to them. " If you are in the position of the mountain city team, everyone will be very "the abdomen"? Vote Germany used to be famous for giving up waves, and the way to make football unlike others. Many people agree, but also have mixed opinions. However, everyone must recognize this prectoration with a vision "ahead of the era". This time, when V.League 2021 is being "suspended" indefinitely, Hoang Anh Gia Lai club is still ready for every plan that the organizers organize the arrangement. V.League 2021, the mountain city team is Owning the sublimation chain and is leading when the tournament is postponed and the first phase is only one round. The last round will not make much meaning with the Pleiku home team but it partly decides their opponents in stage 2. So while many other teams to "sit play", coach Kiatisak And the players still work hard to "work"
The mountain street team has been waiting for 17 years for the championship and obviously they don't want to lose what they are. With the current performance, Kiatisak and the students definitely want to step to the championship in a respectful name. Duc Duc is more than that. When asked about the plan to give the Cup immediately to his team or a cup with Viettel, he shook his head. It was also because he wanted to champion with pressure, so the time of V.League 2021 suspended, HAGL was one of the best training teams. In June and early July, they continued to friendly matches with Hai Phong Club and the People's Police in the "Join" Ham Rong when the teams train here. It is important for Kiatisak to find a solution to shorten the gap between the main team and the preparatory players, facilitating players in the 2-square team to be given more to rub, prepare mentally ready For more stressful battles. HAGL also had a move to "stabilize" the bench when for Hai Phong to borrow Ngoc Quang, Dong Trieu and Quang Nho.No stop, from the beginning of July to now, HAGL is still practicing with high intensity . Kiatisak asked her students to improve physical strength as well as focus on tactical tutorials. Except Hong Duy is having to be isolated from Health in Binh Phuoc (out of isolation on July 23), HAGL is full of squad for his tactical exercises. The vacation period also created an opportunity for Tuan Anh to completely recover the injury encountered in the match against Indonesia. "We are still actively practicing to be ready to wait for the tournament again when the situation of disease is stable" , Mr. Nguyen Tan Anh - Head of HAGL Club Sharing. The "positive" that the head of the mountain town team can understand that it is the seriousness, the professionalism of a club currently owns players and players who have played abroad like public Phuong, Xuan Truong. Even midfielder Kim Dong-su, mature from Hamburg Sv's Training Furnace, wearing VFB Lubeck (Germany), Omiya Ardija and FC Anyang said he chose HAGL because of his professionalism. "I think I want to go to a club that I can play stably, so I decided to transfer. In the last years of playing abroad, I need to play on a stage that I can recognize your value and play stable, "Kim Dong-su interviewed by Osen (Korea ). Football Vietnam benefits a lot from HAGL and its elections. And now therefore, HAGL with many core in the team is about to play at the 2nd World Cup 2022 is working hard to work will be a good news for Coach Park Hang-SEO when the fate V.League 2021 cannot predict. TS

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