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During the period of social entrance (GCXH) due to Covid-19 pandemic, to ensure safer for consumers, retail systems have focused on investing and encouraging customers to use the form of shopping Route <: 00/3: 20 South consumers are encouraged to choose online shopping forms when translating Covid-19 complex movements. Photo: CTV Recent days, due to more than 100 traditional markets and three key market agricultural and food markets of Ho Chi Minh City have temporarily stopped working to prevent and fight Covid-19, so the commodity market Using essentials has been disturbed a lot. There are days, times, people flock to supermarket to buy essential goods for storage. Such a crowded concentration has increased the risk of disease infection as well as the risk of closing retail points. However, there are many people who are alert, not given to the cravure psychology

. Ha Thi Kim Thuy, living in Thich Quang Duc, Ward 5, Phu Nhuan district, said: "My house is quite close A large supermarket, only five minutes of motorbikes, but to safely, I still don't go to the supermarket but at home to buy food, food, other daily consumer goods via in-the-stroke network . From the time of booking until receiving the goods only for a few hours, it was also acceptable. "
A supermarket and some convenience stores, but she chooses to buy online for safety because of safety and convenience. Currently, many distribution and retail systems have largely invested in online sales channels, From technical infrastructure to delivery staff. General Director of Ho Chi Minh City Commercial Cooperative (Saigon Co.op) Nguyen Anh Duc said, in addition to phone sales, almost all technology applications are now linked to the chain Co.opMart Supermarket, Co.opxtra, Co.op Food for guests delivery. Saigon Co.op added about seven thousand essentials on online sales page to meet the demands that are spike by people: fresh food, technology food, chemistry Products, apparel and kitchenware
Saigon Co.op has also coordinated third parties like Grab, Now ... to have more online shopping channels for people. Other retailers like Saigon Trading Corporation (SATRA), the company Vietnam Stock Industry Joint Stock Company (Vissan), MM Mega Market, green department, Lotte Mart ... also strengthened employees for online sales to handling timely orders over the network is increasing, Most are on the rush hour frames. Besides the retail system, consumers can buy online through e-commerce trading floors, delivery applications ... at e-commerce floor Tiki, Shopee , Lazada, Sendo ..., many fresh food items (vegetables, tubers, fruits, meat, fish, eggs ...), fruits, food food, spices ... have begun to sell. Consumers only need to install the application on the phone or visit the website that can be purchased and paid quickly, conveniently. The director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade Nguyen Nguyen Phuong said, in the situation Covid-19 translation is very complicated, the department will create all favorable conditions and encourage the use of commodity transactions via in-the-stroke and telephone sales and shapes Other suitable awake to reduce direct contact, ensuring safety measures in buying and selling goods. Open businesses in the field of e-commerce distribution, e-commerce promoting order online, home delivery, implementation of safety measures in delivery - receive goods. Department of Industry and Trade also asked Thu Duc City People's Committee and districts to increase propaganda and mobilize people to use online purchase methods, order by phone ... instead of shopping at the transmission point Thong.Hoang Liem

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