Promote The History Of A Red Address

Witnesses 91 years: 00/2: 44 South Southern Party implementation of the Party and the Party Committee of Nam Ky launched the struggle for responding and supporting the movement of Public - Agricultural Furge, July 1930, Provincial Party Committee Khanh Hoa interim policy advocates to organize a rally in places where strong party facilities and flags, spread units everywhere in the province. On the basis of revolutionary movement in Tan Dinh district (now Ninh Hoa town), the Provincial Party Committee advocates here protests. House 214 Tran Quy Cap, Ninh Hiep Ward (old). .

. Day July 16, 1930, under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, thousands of Tan Dinh district people with strong revolutionary courage held an overwhelming demonstration of enemies. Previously, to well organize the demonstration, on the night of 13 dawn 14-7-1930, Tan Dinh district district has summoned the meeting of the regional secretaries to discuss the mass gathering of the masses and organizations love. Housing 214 Tran Quy Canh Street, Ninh Hiep Ward, Ninh Hoa Town of Le Dung - Provincial Provincial Commissioner, in charge of Tan Dinh District Party Chipped as a meeting place
The past years, notice the role and Important historical meaning of this location, Ninh Hoa Town People's Committee has advocated a recognition of revolutionary historical relics for the above house. Thereby, this place will be a place to organize and educate revolutionary history for the younger generation; At the same time, the relic can be used to organize traditional topics activities, narratle the history of students in the town in extracurricular sessions. Souvenirs, the house is still available The children, the grandson of the old revolutionary Le Dung live and preserve. However, over time, many items have been corrected, changed ...... and the status quo
After reviewing the application for settlement of local revolution history, the Department of Culture and The sports chaired the meeting to meet the departments, branches and units of expertise on the policy of ranking rankings for Mr. Le Dung's house. At the meeting, many opinions show that the restoration of houses to become a relic location should be further researched, because the current relics system related to July 16-1930 in Ninh Hoa a bit too much. Such as: Monument 16-7; French School - Viet Ninh Hoa; Especially the national relic of Ninh Hoa street has been invested to repair and restore very well, detailed. In addition, through the survey, the root elements of the house 214 Tran Quy Cap Street have no longer retain the status quo ... on the basis of the opinions of agencies, units, Department of Culture and Sports to advise the Provincial People's Committee Do not rank revolution historical monuments for house locations 214 Tran Quy Cap Street, Ninh Hoa Town, but do the attachment of the event souvenirs at the site to contribute to the historical history of ways Local networks and provinces. It is known that Khanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee has a unified written with the proposal of the Department of Culture and Sports. Ninh Hoa Town People's Committee also announced Mr. Le Dung's family on this policy.

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