Promoting The Village Value In Buds

Precious Heritage of his father0: 00/2: 53 Nadlands in Khanh Hoa, a lot of village families. In Ho Chi Minh City. Nha Trang, TP. Cam Ranh and Ninh Hoa town many neighborhoods still have the presence of houses. The whole province currently has about 250 families with different scales

. In particular, there are more than 150 families who have been ranked with provincial relics and 1 house (Dinh Phu Cang, Van Ninh district) ranked national relics. In the houses that have been ranked rankeds, there are still more than 600 chromosomes due to the lives of Nguyen Ban Dynasty. Dieu Van Dinh belongs to Ninh Dong commune, Ninh Hoa town
Simple, gentle structure, no more sophisticated, unreducatic, majestic scales. According to the researcher of Ngo Van Ban folk culture, Dinh Hoa in Khanh Hoa is usually built in the center of residential areas, or at the beginning of the village and located near the main roads. The facade of the Family was chosen very well to hope the peace and prosperity of the villagers. New people in the new land, the houses are often paintings and soils. Gradually, people's lives grow more, they are rebuilt with more solid materials. The main function of houses today mainly serves the needs of worshiping self, spirituality of people in the region. Every year or a year, families have a ceremony to worship in the spring and autumn. Depending on the conditions of each place where the ceremony of a large or small dilute, but the central is the happy days of the people in the region. very big. So the introduction of those values to the younger generation, with international friends, foreign tourists
.. is what to do. So, the cultural industry coordinates with the education sector and localities in the province to choose typical and conditional families with favorable infrastructure to do tours to visit and extracure for students . That may be within the scope of learning to understand the reality of local culture and history. Students are taken to the real experience of the houses, listening directly to the words of the premiums will have good impressions of the village roof, as well as the mental and material values of the people Family bring. Before, in a country tour of some travel companies in Nha Trang once to take tourists to visit some strains like: Dinh Lu Ban, Dinh Ngoc Hoi, Dinh Phu Vinh ... However, in the process of exploitation, due to the lack of specific coordination regulations, this activity is no longer. But thereby leaving the lesson for us when bringing the village relics to serve tourism activities. There, the village management boards need to care about the reception of visitors. And the side of tourism companies, need to pay attention, pay worthy funds to the village side. There are so that we exploit the venue of the village in life today. This is also a way to introduce local cultural values, history, traditional architecture to domestic and foreign tourists. "The potential of cultural tourism in general and tourism tours in particular In Khanh Hoa is huge. Unfortunately, we also waste this resource. It's time to time, we need to recognize and embark on this issue, "Mr. Nguyen Van Thich - Chairman of Khanh Hoa Folk Folk Arts Association.

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