Proposal To Recognize My Son A10 Is A National Treasure

My Son World Cultural Heritage Management Board said that Quang Nam Protection Council and units have been accepted to unify the scientific dossiers of the American Church A10 to submit to the National Assembly of National Social Affairs Recognizing is the national treasure. American Church A10 My Son BQL Picture, My Son A10 Church is located in A10 Temple of Tower A of My Son Temple. According to the assessment of experts, the current state of the American paint A10 is still quite intact, created with the sandstone material, dating back to the end of the IX century, the early century X. Linga has a cracked crack From the leg to the top of Linga but in general, the quality of the church is quite good. This is the original artifact, with unique values, unique criteria, meeting the criteria to be recognized as national treasures

. Churches preserve stone construction techniques, is the only place to find substances Leads in the fish tail moment, this technique only has the US paint as well as in the stone construction technique of Cham Pa architecture in general. 5,2020, during excavation and revolutionary at A10 Temple, Indians The degree and Vietnam discovered the Sandstone Church with Linga-Yoni seamlessly, which was quite intact, rated the largest size in Champa sculpture so far. If it is recognized, this will be a national treasure 3 of Quang Nam and My Son's second national treasure
Two previously recognized treasures are the head of Shiva (Phu Long, Dai Thang) and Ekamukhalinga (My Son).

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