Protect Skin Before Green Light, What Specialists Recommend?

We all know the importance of applying sunscreen to protect from harmful UV rays. Recently, we started considering seriously about damage caused by environmental agents such as pollution and ... light green

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green light contact can lead to early aging and skin damage. Blue light causes a kind Durse slightly different from UV rays of ainah Dermatology Tan warned: 'Green light is said to contribute to forming wrinkles and changing skin color. HEV light is also found in sun rays, but even if limiting the time of direct contact with sunlight, we still constantly expose the skin while staying in the house. We spend most of their awakening time to staring at the screen and unfortunately, green light is deeper than UV. 'Blue light causes a slightly different type of damage'. Michele Farber, dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York, said. 'It creates oxygen reactions that damage collagen, causing wrinkles, changing pigments, making the skin loose', she said. Blue light has not been proven to cause skin cancer. In fact, in medical facilities, it is used to prevent skin cancer. But the aesthetic dermatologist Kenneth Mark, who has practiced in New York and Colorado, warning that green light can 'increase the signs of aging, such as increased pigment, decay collagen, rash Red, inflammation, swelling / edema and oxidative stress as free radicals '
You don't need to buy a new product to protect Damark:' The best protection is to minimize exposure by using Use green light filters on the phone. There are free apps that help reduce green light and you can also buy screen protector stickers to block green light. But to protect absolutely, use the sunscreen with a special formula to prevent green light '. You should use sunscreen even when working in Hararber suggested:' Choose these Sunscreen has a wide spectrum to protect your skin. In addition, physical blocking with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide can also help reflect rays to widely protect against ultraviolet and strict light. In the process of protecting the skin, don't forget your Vitamin C serum, because this is an antioxidant layer and other environmental protection. Use liquid-formed wallpaper with Titanium dioxide dioxide dioxide is a popular component found In sunscreen and cream background. According to a new study, makeup can also protect your skin from the harmful effects of green light. It can do this because of the presence of iron oxides. However, this does not mean you can ignore sunscreen. Experts recommend using sunscreen with lightweight thin cream to be protected with the maximum bar. Night bars with the best vitamins, you should not bring your laptop, phone to bed, but sometimes, you Easy to resist. In fact, some people cannot go to sleep without spending time on the phone. Imagine this can harm your skin and eyes. That's why what is needed is to use an antioxidant night lotion to protect and restore skin while sleeping. Reasonable nutrition helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of light Blue diet rich in anti-oxygen meals staring at the screen all day while eating unhealthy food will make your skin aging faster. In addition to using the above components and products, you also need to add some foods rich in antioxidants such as berries, butter, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, ... In the diet to avoid the harmful effects of the environment and green light. See more videos are being interested in: Thuy Kieu

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