Provide Evidence To Find Wife Missing

Ivan went to the sheriff to report that his wife was missing. - My wife was missing. She came to the store yesterday and didn't see it home. Ivan said .- How tall?, The police officer asks- I don't know exactly

. About 1 meter and a half, Ivan answered. The police continued: - So weighs? - I don't know. She is not fat, but not skinny
- Eye color? - The police officer asks.- I've never noticed. - Hair color? - She changed it twice a year. Perhaps dark blondes.- What do she wear when going? - Maybe wearing skirts can also be shorts. I don't remember correctly. - What does she drive? - She took my truck - Ivan quickly received. - What is the type of truck? - Police officers asked .- It's a completely new Ford F150 2015. King Ranch 4x4 with Eco-Impulse 5
0L V6 engine, specially ordered with floor gearbox. It is white as a bed sheet. Leather furniture and Bubba floor mats. DVD with positioning, CB 21 channels, 6 cup compartments and four sockets. Add special alloy wheels and Michelins terrain tires. My wife made a small scratch on the driver's door. At that time, Ivan began to breathe. Police: - Don't worry, you are. We will find your truck.

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