Provincial Technical Innovation Contest: Intellectual Convergence, Creative Passion

Through 8 consecutive periods with nearly 1,000 topics and solutions of authors, the group of authors participating, the Technical Innovation Contest (STKT) province has become a useful playground, the intellectual convergence of the entire people conscious. Many initiatives, solutions and technical improvements are applied to production practices and life, contributing to improving productivity and product quality; Put the research movement, applying and applying science and technology increasingly in depth, with spread. HMI Weintek "serves teaching, learning. It was first launched in 2007, so far the provincial Sttt contest has become a familiar" playground "with creative enthusiasts, scientific research . Over 8 organizers, the contest has attracted nearly 1,000 contest solutions in many areas, which are widely applied, easy and economical

. Many solutions not only won the high awards at the provincial St. but also won the award at the National Sttt Competition. Typical is the solution to "use local energy energy resources to replace electric energy for devices at Fat Mountain Coal Joint Stock Company - Vinacomin" of the Group Author Group Fat Mountain Joint Stock Company, winning the first prize of STKT competition 14th National (2016-2017); The topics "Application to thorough treatment of cardiocutrophyms through waves with radio frequency (RF)" of the provincial general hospital authorship group, "Study of fertilization methods In the test tube (IVF) in the treatment of infertility in Quang Ninh "by Quang Ninh Children's Hospital Author Group, it won the third prize of the 14th National Sttt Competition; Solution "XQB badminton" by author Nguyen Xuan Quy (Uong Bi City), won the third prize of the 15th Sttt contest (2018-2019)
Hanh Nguyen Xuan Quy (Uong Bi City) Author Solution " XQB badminton "helps exercise easily without supporting the 8th Provincial Provincial Sttt Contest (2020-2021), the Exam Organizing Committee receives 63 topics and solutions of authors / The Author Group attended in 5 areas: agriculture, forestry, fishery, natural resources and environment; industrial, transportation, construction; IT, electronics, telecommunications; pharmacy; State management, education and training ... participating in the 8th Provincial St. Contest, Quang Ninh Industrial and Construction College was soon launched, announcing the contest rules to all teachers and students school; encouraging coordinated teachers, guiding students and students to the idea, deploying the participating topic. Thereby, 7 authors have attracted the entrance exam with 7 topics and solutions ... Mr. Nguyen Trong Thanh, Lecturer of Automation, Industrial College and Quang Ninh Construction, said : Come to this contest, I and the author team have brought the model "PLC S7-1200 and HMI WeIttek" model
This model is formed from my teaching practices in the Industrial Electrical Department, thereby helping students can imagine and access overall jobs to implement to complete the control process A automation system. The device also helps learners to be active, positive, creative in learning, visually thinking, actual contact, interesting in learning, contributing to improving the quality of vocational training in spears Exercise of Fisheries Faculty of Fisheries participating in scientific research at Ha Long University.Theo leaders of the Provincial Association of Science and Technology Associations: The contest has created a strong spread in the people's classes Province with many initiatives, topics and solutions with high applicability and practicality. This is also an opportunity for authors, the authors showing the talent and passionate, their interests in the field of research and science and technology.

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