Pti Compensated 500 Million Vnd To Customers Participating In Credit Insurance Insurance

Postal insurance (PTI) has just coordinated with TPBank to pay compensation for customers to participate in credit insurance insurance products, with the amount of VND 500 million. The T. L illustration is known, customers Lieu Chi England (born in 1976) borrowed capital through TPBank bank Thai Nguyen branch to serve the business. In the process of borrowing, he voluntarily participated in the Credit Security and Unfortunate Insurance Insurance, died on April 17, 2021 in Thai Binh.Nay after receiving information, PTI visited, Condolences and quickly implementing procedures and compensation dossiers to promptly share some difficulties and losses that unfortunate customer families encounter

. The total amount of compensation for the case of Lieu Chi Anh's customer is VND 500 million. Credit insurance insurance is a bonding insurance product between PTI and TPBank collaborating from 2018 to date. With outstanding insurance rights compared to the same products on the market, PTI's credit security is a preeminent choice for borrowers
When there are insurance events that occur directly to power Healthy, networking, affecting debt repayment, PTI will on behalf of customer compensation corresponding to the loan of the insured person, the remaining amount (if any) will be transferred legal beneficiaries to Limit the maximum difficulty customers encountered. TPBank Bank has received PTI compensation for the customer's outstanding balance and sends a sincere thanks to PTI to resolve the compensation quickly and quickly Time. This supports customers to feel secure when making loans for production and business activities. Currently, PTI is a non-life insurance enterprise at the forefront of Bancassurance with nearly 10 years of experience in associates For banks as well as financial institutions to bring the most practical insurance products to customers. HC

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