Pu Luong – Community Tourism Paradise Of Thanh Thanh

Pu Luong in Thanh Hoa province is a popular attractions and discoveries on dust tourism maps, self-sufficiency, cheap mountain resort, but most visitors come here are impressive with scenery ... Located less than 130km northwest of Thanh Hoa city center, about 190km from Hanoi, Pu Luong is located in two districts of Quan Hoa and Ba Thuoc of Thanh Hoa Province. North and Northeast Pu Luong in Mai districts Chau, Tan Lac and Lac Son of Hoa Binh Province

Combined to form a closed circle for tourism journey to discover and experience extremely interesting. Luang in Thanh Hoa province is a popular attraction and discovery on dust tourism maps, self-sufficiency , cheap mountain resort, but most visitors come here are strongly impressed with the sharp scenery, the pristine beauty of Pu Luong, especially rice fields and primitive jungle. Especially starting the new rice crop from the end of May in the beginning of June, the fields and terraced fields will wear a blue shirt, extremely beautiful and peaceful. Ladder fields. (Source: Vietnam) Come to Pu Luong, visitors have many options to explore such as visiting villagers and understanding the customs, practices of Thai people, people Mang, rustic, rustic in this place. Son, Ba, Ten of Lung Cao commune; Muong Kho Muong Xa Thanh Son; Don Commune Thanh Lam; The village belongs to Le Lung commune ... In particular, it is summer, but because of the lowland limestone mountains, there are many tropical forests and few people born, so the air and the weather here is quite cool, comfortable. Or visitors can go to Pu Luang in September and October, these two months are the time of a ripe ripe season, all terraced fields on the hillside will turn yellow, making it Luong brought a rich and dreamy beauty
This time is also when this land "paradise between Dai Thousands" attracts tourists to Pu Luong to see the most ripe rice. It is in the ripe rice season. Other with noisy air in the city, dawn In Pu Luong, the sound of water flows from the water around the house, the birds singing von and the whole mist rise from high distance mountains. Why is it Pu Luong, not any other name? Pu Luong is Thai, which means that mountains have a lot of streams. On the highest peak, there is a particular specialties that grow a lot, especially in February lunar calendars are the time when people go to the most bitter bamboo shoots. As other products from the mountains of the mountains, bitter bamboo shoots can process many simple dishes to sophysic. Even so, the bamboo shoots of spicy chili sauce are still the cuisine selected by the indigenous people to invite far away. Pool infinity in Pu Luong. (Source: Puluong Eco-Garden) Wake up soon gently on the road to the bronze road, pick up the clouds flying into the person, touching each rice tree to stand the dewdrops early ... are rare oral moments In normal days visitors. Add a great experience when you feel the first warm rays of sunshine touching people, watching the idyllic life of the people here. The mountainous mountain binds to the sky, green green fields intermitted with The bright yellow array, the chair and the romantic round table lying next to the flowers to create a charming landscape painting. Coming to Pu Luong, carbon chen, messy, smoke of life life is often no longer available. Instead it is fresh, cool, pleasant air. Deepen your soul will really immerse yourself in peaceful nature. The guests are in the flow of waterfall. After a day exploring the land of Pu Luong, visitors can rest in spacious floor houses , cool of indigenous people. Or can stay at the resorts of Pu Luong Nature Reserve such as Puluong Natura Bungalow, Puluong Retreat, Puluong Eco-Garden, Puluong Ohayo ... with modern design but still retains the tradition of the land Pu Luong. Here, visitors will enjoy the typical dishes of this land like Lam Rice, banana banana flower, bitter soup, valley duck, hill chicken, steamed bamboo, steamed bamboo pipe, steamed mountain .. or drinking a wine jars needed with indigenous people. It still contains no interesting things, discover and feel the wild nature landscape in the new journey. With what nature gives, certainly the Pu Luong-Bajou community tourist area is and will be the ideal destination for tourists in the future./.(Vietnam)

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