In terms of ideological content, the story 'of the pearls' criticism is critical to visit the umbrella, considering money, the power is above all but forgotten people, losing the salary; At the same time, educating people who know how to live, know how to work in the nature of the South ", he retires to his retirement. Still attendance. One of those things is "fortunate". This folk story was a famous rowing theater in the North to become a unique traditional rowing. The main character of the paddy is Tran Dia, for compassionate, he loves to save the victims in the middle of the road

. Corporate nature, good, Tran Da has accepted all TB, hard to make money to earn money to eat, even sell both houses, garden fields and have to sell themselves Total cruel to have 600 mandarins given to Chu Thien about the school. But after parking reached the Vinh Quy Bai village, Chu Thien early gracefully means that the children raise Tran Duc. Not only that, Chu Thien also took the way to kill Tran Lac geese robbing his girlfriend was Ngoc Suong, but he was mistakenly killed Mr
Drive was the father of Ngoc Suong. However, evil cannot exist. Tran Lia is hard to grind the history and science. Quan Thai Master in the tide knew what took a trial, clearing the crime of Chu Thien and exiled him into the prison, confiscating the wealth of the name of the main division for the poor. Trần Gội is given the authorities. The end-of-the-end story is suitable for the causal law.- In terms of thought content, the story "of celebrating" criticism is critical to visit the umbrella again, considering money, power is above all forget human love, loss of salaries; At the same time, educating people who know how to live in goodness, know how to work. , Italy says that the things don't do, don't belong to themselves. - In the past year, the story "of the pearls" went into five-figurities like everyone knew, but real Let's not notice, showing the wall, understanding to do the lesson of self-proclaiming, self-proclaiming yourself. Less officials, small as "commune quan", medium size as "district officials", as large as "provincial", big size as "all people know, the whole country knows the name" did not give up any one plot, a cowl to get into the box, eat bribery, turning the public of the city
- Also because it does not understand the profitability meaning "of heaven" - heaven is a common one, is an invalid possessor everyone's commitment; In the conception of the spiritual culture of the people, "heaven" is also a supernatural step, the supreme person - that is to represent the sacredness, so whoever touches "heaven" as Pham Thuong, Mex . Therefore, everyone's hepatat of heaven, eating, stealing "Heaven" will first be punished.- Folk also have the sentence "The hand does not cover the sun", often understood as one Jobs, a stealth behavior, lies, evil whether there is a disguised disguise, it is difficult to cover the light of the gloss of the world as the light of the four-way sunlight. - When it comes to heaven, we must not forget the sentence "nuclearly, sparse without any". The sky is like a grid everywhere, so the bad guys, the guy, the evil is difficult to catch, difficult to escape. According to Taoism's philosophy, all things in the world are in line with an objective rule, but this objective rule controls all the changes in the universe. Therefore, people, things that violate objective rules will be punished according to the correspondence. Take money but die, birds for greedy to lose networks ". So, from the story "of the rearing", the old people passed on for the post-posterior, the more understanding of human life in life, do not benefit before the eye but trade in both honor, dignity and career mine. It is also an expensive lesson for those who have ever had years standing on the peak of power but are swirled into a blind interest rate to fall into the carpet and night sipping, and absorbing the pain "in Japan in prison Thien Thu bail ". Tham is deep. Do not do but want to eat well, eat very well, or speak as the young man today is "a lot of new edible doses", sooner after "of the Refunds". It is the law of a fair cause of a fair, a fairness in life! "

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