Put 15 People, Both Children In A Frozen Car To ‘pegward’ To The Countryside

Frozen car 51D-38214 is controlled by the driver Le Van Tuan carrying 14 adults and 1 children from Dong Nai through the Covid-19 translation control latch No. 2 Binh Thuan for 700,000 VND / person. When the police opened a frozen car, some people were and shot, showed signs of breathless 9: 00/2: 29 Northern NorthernSgt opened the frozen truck found 15 people sitting inside. September 13, Binh Thuan Provincial Public Security said that in collaboration with CSDT police of Ham Tan district continued to take testimony, strengthen the records to handle the drivers associated with the 15-person transport on the countryside in a frozen car. Accordingly, at 22:00 on September 12, the patrol team Ham Tan traffic station on National Highway 1A discovered a frozen car 51D-38214 parking in a rice shop in Tan Duc commune, Ham Tan with a doubt sign

. The job with a frozen driver Le Van Tuan sees suspicious expression, so the Traffic Traffic Force asks the driver to unlock a frozen car and discovered in the car with 14 adults and 1 children. When, some people in The car has been shaped, showing signs of difficulty breathing, the Traffic Police force requires a frozen driver to open the hips and put it all about the Covid-19 translation control latch No. 2 Binh Thuan (in Tan Duc commune, Ham Tan) To work
Drive Le Van Tuan Khai, already N 15 people on a passenger car carrying from Long Khanh Bus Station (Dong Nai Province) through the Covid-19 Supervisor No. 2 Binh Thuan No. 700 thousand VND / person but don't remember the number of passenger cars. Number No. 51D-38214 carrying 15 people "communicating" to control Covid-19 translation, Ham Tan Traffic Traffic Station deployed tourists. By 22:30 on the same day, Traffic Police discovered a 7-seat car 61A-31027 in a gas station at KM1764, Ham Tan should check. This driver then admitted awaits guests from a frozen car. This car declares, and a 7-seater car is also waiting for people from a frozen car. Ham Tan Traffic Traffic Station continues to detect 75A-17078 cars parked in another gasoline along QL1A, 6 kilometers away. This car also acknowledges both 7 cars carrying 15 people from Dong Nai to Hue and Quang Tri
When he arrived in Long Khanh, the two hooked a frozen driver to drive from Long Khanh "pegs" through Binh Thuan to continue to welcome the number of people on continuing to return home. Ham Tan traffic station has moved the application for the muscle CSĐT Police of Ham Tan district conducted an investigation, clarifying whether or not the line took the "key". The file is also handed over by the traffic safety to Binh Thuan Provincial Traffic Inspectorate, making a record of sanctioning administrative violations and requiring all three drivers to take the person to the starting place.

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