Put Hundreds Of Millions Of Fostered Wives Less Than 23 Years Old, The Man In Korea Received ‘horns’ And A Loud Septic Blinds!

The man was held to find Vietnamese wives and a panic! Recently, a woman posted the article Peel off the girl born in 2002 "Plugged in horns", cheating her husband. " Wedding to study in Korean, the reception of the 'pretty "beautiful' pair of horns", this is the title of the article. "8 months ago I found a person to make a marriage of her husband's younger brother. Knowing, I used to get a friend Name P. in Quang Ninh

. After that, 2 sides of the family talked back and forth and agreed to go to marriage. It was determined to be married to make marriage procedures, my husband will send money to this for you to study Korean, creating everything The most favorable event for his wife ", the woman writes. Septic peelers are posted
That Set of costs. However, P. still can't speak a Korean sentence with her husband. Husband wants to call, Must Meet the P. New Appointment Never Listen Never Listening Mother's Mother of the Woman also want to call me to meet my daughter-in-law to remember but never contact P. Woman Next: "My husband is also sent for me to 4 million thoughtful for cable gifts. 100 million and my husband worry about all costs. After 8 months of raising his wife to study, the results do not have a collaboration of his wife, really do not have any such relationship. If not wanting right from Why agree to take your husband like that? "Do not accept the behavior of P. as well as the P
family so the Korean man decided to cancel the kiss. Family P. Then called out to apologize and promise to teach the decent children. P. also calls, wants to continue the relationship of both. However, everything is still in it. "The pressing person here is the same acquaintance, nothing must behave like that. The 2-party family agreed, his husband's family also facilitates his best, worrying about the full cost without his cooperation. Still lie is busy with no time talking to her husband. 8 months do not speak a Korean sentence to basically communicate. Now it is impossible to be patient anymore, my husband's family decided to divorce and wanted the divorce papers to be blamed The entire cost of all costs is not said that their husband's house is all. But P. Do not cooperate, the type of shelves shelves what the daughter likes to do, do it. ", The sister-in-eyed sister continues to write. The paper confirms the marriage registration of the two people. Also according to this woman, during P. staying at home, there are still lovers and spin the Tiktok post as usual . Until now, the family cannot stand more and post to all know the true face of the young girl's name. "Who intends to introduce as well as you have some feelings for this friend The consideration should be reviewed, "the woman concluded. Attached is proof of the two sides registered to marry. The girl named P. Born in 2002 agreed to marry the Korean man born in 1979. In addition, there were a series of screenshots of money transfer from Korea for P. to learn languages and worry Life. Let's now, the husband's family in Korea does not see any goodwill of P. and her family should post the septic peeling. Currently, the incident is still shared with a series Confection comments. Many people think that marriage is known and not on the foundation of love encountering a lot of risks. Other suggestions that even though the distance of the two sides is 23 years old, but if the girl initially did not agree, who dared pressed kiss. She agreed but then irresponsibly with the decision, it was really worth it.

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