Putin Shows Off Super Bar Weapons, Sends A Cold Signal With Nato

On November 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia will be forced to act if NATO crosses the 'red lines' on the issue of Ukraine. "If in Ukraine territory has deployed some missile systems, time The flying space to Moscow will be 7-10 minutes, and only 5 minutes if it is a super bar weapon, "said Russian leader Vladimir Putin spoke in a forum invested in Moscow." So, in this perspective, they What can I do? We will have to create similar weapons as what people have threatened to be deploying. Currently we can do that, "Putin said.Nay in the speech, President Putin said Russia successfully tested the zircon supersonic missile with 9 times high speed sound and yes Can put into the payroll at the beginning of 2022

. Russian president Vladimir PutHien in, NATO has no actions of military or missiles to the Ukraine area of Russia but Mr. Putin indicates that NATO ignores Russia's warning and deployment Weapons near the border in the eastern country, typically the Aegis Ashore missile defense system in Finland and Romania. "If NATO creates such risks (in Ukraine), it will be a red line with the red line We, but I hope to not be that level
I hope, general consciousness, responsibility to the country and the international community will be highlighted above, "said Putin said Russia - Ukraine started falling and always in the stressful state after Moscow wax Enter the Crimea Peninsula in 2014. In addition, Ukraine and the West accuse Russia backing for rebellion forces in Eastern Ukraine.Vai last week, tense Russian border - Ukraine boiling when the US and many allies Europe, Ukraine expressed concern about Moscow regulating the border with Ukraine. For his part, Russia denies Western accusations, Moscow insists that this country has the right to deploy soldiers within territory. Hoang Anh (According to Reuters)

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