Pythons 3 M Long Shocked When Appearing Between The Supermarket

A sub-person unexpectedly encountered a python 3 meters long while shopping in the supermarket in Australia.0: 00/1: 29 Southern Southern CBS News August 18 reported that Mslaina Alati was at the counter The python appears from a space on the shelves above the spice jars. "I'm there looking to cook chicken dishes for the evening so I originally didn't see it was rolling myself behind the spice jars. After that, I turned to the right and it stuck her head." Alati recounted

. The flag is that Alati is a trained snake worker. It is known that the python head is only about 20 cm away from her. "Fortunately I have knowledge of snakes so I'm quite calm
However, it still makes me shocked" - Ms. Alati added. In a notice, the Woolworths supermarket chain confirms "1 rare guest has been Discovered at the "in the morning of August 16 (local time) at a supermarket in the suburbs of Glenorie. "Our employees have responded quickly and calmly to block the area because of the safety of customers" - extract Woolworths.con notice crawling from the spice shelf. Photo: Apcle Alati said she used the phone to shoot a python scene from the shelves to the aisle before reporting the incident with the supermarket staff. "I said: I will go to get the bag to catch a snake. I think they think I'm crazy. I think they don't know what to say when I say there is a python 3 m long on the walkway" - Miss Alati said. Knowing, Ms
Alati came home took the bag to catch snakes and turned around. After that, she released children to the nearby tree. "I know right away of non-toxic and non-fierce children, it is not harmful to anyone" - Ms. Alati added. It is unclear how the animal comes into a supermarket.

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