Qr Code Scanner Camera At 23 Quarings Into Hanoi

Each control key translates into Hanoi city is equipped with a QR code camera to check the movements of citizen resources.0: 00/1: 56 NAMXEM Clip: Hanoi Police Department has implemented installation Camera from September 13 to serve the QR code scanning at 23 closes to control the city gateway. Installation of this system has the support of the Police Department of Administrative Management on Social Order (Ministry of Public Security). Get in the morning of September 14 at the Quarantee No. 2 located at the French high-speed charging station Van - Cau Gie, a webcam connected to the computer system of the QR Code inspection staff has been installed

. If before, after the medical declaration citizens through the electronic declaration system Checking the personal phone to scan QR codes, now citizens will open the QR code and stand in front of the webcam to declare.Webcam is installed at the direct closet to the computer with an Internet connection. At the latch, the installation of the camera in the QR code scan will help officers avoid contact with the drivers
In addition, the test speed is also higher than before because the camera is sharp, connected directly to the computer so the processing speed is higher. Besides, fully supported on the Department's application platform Police QLHC on social security at kiemdich.dancuquocgia.gov.vn should not need to be configured, complex installation. After the scanning, the Department's system will automatically check the information and paper of the citizen quickly. After scanning the QR code of the software citizen will automatically check and browse the information on the road. From Thai Binh to Hanoi, if people perform medical declarations at home with pre-prepared QR codes, when it comes to the code scanning and checking the papers that only last about 30 seconds. This new camera app is both fast and efficient, not close contact with QR Code of green flow cars still performed with a personal phone of TTGTH Ma Van Duan (Thuong Tin, Hanoi) to go Through the quarantine latch No. 2 to enter the inner city, he has pre-installed VNEID software and pre-declared at home so the test time is very fast
He wants the next time this app can expand, the application even for the green flow vehicles so that each vehicle goes through the latch is not lined up for a long time.

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