Qualcomm Strongly Invested In Vietnamese Startup

Qualcomm launched a financial support program that plans to expect up to 375,000 USD with many technology support dedicated to Vietnam Startups. Program "Qualcomm Innovation Challenge Vietnam 2022 - Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge 2022 - QVIC 2022 "has officially launched with the expected financial support number of up to 375,000 USD and many benefits on supporting technology platform and intellectual property for that start-up.the, QVIC promotion Encouraging Vietnamese start-up companies to take advantage of Qualcomm's technological and financial foundation to create many inventions and initiatives for the Vietnam startup community and around the world. is one of the episodes The world's leading delegation in the field of mobile technology, Qualcomm promotes innovation for wireless ecosystems in Vietnam through technology platforms such as mobile data (5G, 4G, NB-IoT ), Learning machines .

.. Let's initiative on laboratory, system design, reference module .
. Ms. Nguyen Thanh Thao - Monitoring Qualcomm's senior business development governor shared at the seminar to use global technology ecosystems with a team of powerful engineers and associated with international partners, leading experts to train and try Business, Commercial Connections, Customer Partners and Investment Funds, Qualcomm became an important bridge to bring Vietnamese creativity to the world. Attendance at the online conference with the theme "Qualcomm International Industrial School International "takes place on November 25, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Thao - Qualcomm's Senior Business Development Director, who directly operates QVIC in Vietnam, sharing nothing More meaning for startups when your invention is used for billions of people in the world to use. At a personal perspective, she is very proud when Vietnam is chosen to be a 3rd country to deploy QVIC after India and Taiwan, showing that the Vietnamese startup is ready to participate in competition in the international arena. Startup's competition does not stop at technology, products, services ... which has passed through the competitive stage of the relationship network power that startup
"Standing on the giant's shoulder" - cooperating with large corporations - is the smart way to build an ecosystem surrounding Startup, helping start-up businesses to actively access, choose, take advantage of sources Suitable force to build a firm launcher.Theo shared by Ms. Truong Ly Hoang Phi, Startup Viet need to sharpen the search skills, choose and make the most of the resources from leading corporations to develop Technology, bringing products produced in Vietnam to conquer the international market.

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