Quality Of A Good Technology Director

A good technological director not only needs to lead, promoting its team / group, but also needs a vision to develop technology products for businesses in medium and long-term businesses. Duy Duy Duy, Ohmnilab CEO Create motivation, promote the strengths of each individual. Duy Duy Duy, Ohmnilabs CEO; Nguyen Van Quang Huy, co-founder, CTO Holistics and Le Trieu, Technical in Manabie has never plans to become the heads of technology and techniques at the Start-Up as today. The common between them is after being trained in the computer science, artificial intelligence .

.., the passion to seek deep technology as well as build products that make consumers motivate them Going closer to the leadership position at the businesses. After the process of training on programming at the level 3 school, Vu Duy Thuc continues to study on robots, artificial intelligence at the Bachelor and Doctorate
In parallel with that process, the establishment of some companies and later reselled to Google before working at this "giant" for about 3 years. "The interesting coming from I was undergoing the environment Academic in Stanford, then joined the startup environment and headed for big companies like Google. It helps me to realize, I am a passion for technology ... I do, the more I saw this area attractive, "said sharing. With Le Trieu, after graduating from the fine art industry, he realizes himself Do not really love this industry and decide to study in computer science in Singapore. During the school year, Trieu also early troops into many businesses and projects in the fields of medical technology, educational technology, financial technology, even working without paying wages to learn. As a result, many experiences are experienced in building a team. "Starting as a journey to the glider, sometimes up, down
People are the most important, so the motivation and maintenance of it is very important ", million emphasis is often like the orchestra commander, they do not directly play musical instruments, but command. In the business, leaders help the team developed by finding strengths, weaknesses in each member.Hoolistics is a start-up that provides report analysis platform and construction of data warehouses for businesses Industry based on software service models running on web formats can handle remotely. At Holistics, there is no customer care department. Nguyen Van Quang Huy said that the company's engineers will take turns to take care of customers so they can listen directly to customer feedback, from which to participate in the process of building ideas for products. .The vision and understanding of TS. Duy Duy Duy, a good CTO needs to have a vision. Based on the development route of the company has been outlined by the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors, CTO must imagine a map of technology products that need to be developed in the medium and long term. If CTO is too careful. Weight and spend focusing on details, they will miss the ability to overlook an overall picture for internal technology development as well as compared to the common market.Hoolistics once stumbled this failure . In the first stage, the entire team only focuses on solving the problem the first customer poses. When the resolution is also the time when they look back and realize, I missed the opportunity because the market had a shift in some arrays and rivals to dominate. So how to make CTOs or leaders Technical relics in each business are not obsolete, not lost, when the development of itself is not proportional to the development of the company? The general answer is that CTO must always learn, explore New technology and pay attention to market trends. More specifically answers, according to TS. Vu Duy Duy, is CTO to regularly talk, share with customers. If this distance is increasingly narrowed, the true effect of the product that the engineer who created will be compatible with the real needs of the user. Do not exchanged regularly with the main customers. Failure of a Start-up medical technology that Le Trieu was involved. Due to not market research, do not chat with diabetes to understand the disease and classify target users, this start-up has given a product without a customer or construction team The product of any company accepted to use. "This is a huge failure for us the lesson about product construction", Le Trieu shared.

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