Quang Le Revealed Each Semi-cake In The West, Receiving Salary 4 Usd / Hour

On the personal YouTube channel, singer Quang Le regularly updates his life in the US. Nam singer also shared about difficult days, having to work more to make money in the countryside land. In episode 3 of the series "Quang Le and Life in the US", Quang Le revealed where he used to work Before the famous as the present. Many audiences are unexpectedly when the voice "smashes the guitar" used to sell cakes, get a salary only 4 USD / hour. Updated Life images often in videos uploaded to YouTube

. Introduction to workplace when it is still difficult, not to sing, male singers reveal: "Quang Le remembers that the first check she received It was 82 USD for a month, about 4 USD per hour. At that time Quang Le was 11th grade student, 12. I went to work more to put money to buy a car to go to school
.. Since I was active About Vietnam, there is a shuttle, but in the past, go to school, go to work in the US, I often drive yourself. "Later, male singers often came to restaurants in this area to enjoy food. In the video, Quang Le also called for a very professional spanish dish, making the audience enjoyed. Besides, Quang Le also recorded the moment to attend a party with friends. With the presence of Quang Le and some overseas artists, the party has donated $ 400,000 from sponsors to send to Vietnam to support anti-epidemic. Participating in the event with Quang Le also has female singer Ha Thanh Xuan. After appearing rumors that Ha Thanh Xuan was Quang Le's "lover", Nam singer was treated in his video. Quang Le affirmed that he and the female singer born in 1988 was just a close brother

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