Quang Ngai: The Axis Of ‘terrible’ Bombs Under Tra Khuc River

The bomb weighs about 340kg under the sea of Tra Khuc river has been salvaged to handle the 9: 00/0: 57 namthun day 18/8, the authorities of Son Tinh district (Quang Ngai province) deployed the force to salvage Bombs under Tra Khuc river and plan to handle. Bombs are discovered by people when they go fishing. This bomb is discovered by the people of Tay (Tinh Son commune, Son Tinh district) when fishing on rivers Fishing on Tra Khuc river, the section flows through the village village (Tinh Son commune). Bombs are about 1.2 m long; The diameter is nearly 0

.4 m and is quite intact, on the body with metal eyelets. Tinh Son is one of the most heavily polluted bombs and mines in Quang Ngai province. People of Tinh Son commune often discovered bombs and mines left after the war
The mountainous area in the commune is quite a lot of bombs, many people have been seriously injured by this bomb. 6/2020, people in Tinh Son commune also discovered a bomb weighing over 200 kg "hidden" On the sand of Tra Khuc River. The location of this bomb discovered only about 2 km away from the bomb.

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