Quarrel With Adults With Adults: Many Young People Are Different ‘

Many young people today tend to be more modern and open but sometimes too saunated but forget about the standard instorce.02: 00/2: 59 men's treated capital is a controversial story because it is not Who's own story. Each person will have a separate behavior and expression of a different personality of a person. Young people listen to the elderly, who are less young, obedient, greeting the older who is the fact that they are random. It is considered a good tradition not only in the family but also outside society

. But modern life has led many changes. It is a change from the listening, the look to awareness and action. The ancient jums were no longer applied as before especially with many young people
Today, some men and women have got a more open look, live more openly with relationships. They like to live and follow the hobby with thought "just need to be happy". They are no longer afraid of social and prosperousness of society. But that openness causes many problems. A man mature, worthy of his father and kicked the car. Looks like he was a little tired after waiting for a long time. The empty chair is no longer, he must stand by a young man. Even though she saw the elderly standing on the side, clinging unsteadily after many folds of folding brakes but this young man still cavally sitted. He showed his attitude: "He is still young and strong. Maybe it is better than me
" After the boy's saying, all silence. Not because they were afraid of the other guy's attitude because they felt disappointed about behaving with the elderly. Although the bus always asked to make room for the elderly, people with disabilities, young children, pregnant women ... but not everyone is willing to do it. A late girl suddenly approached. She graciously: "Uncle, I went down to sit. He must be drunk, I saw him holding the shadow pocket on his hand all now ". The man was afraid to disburse. The girl still smiled: "It's okay to you, I sit and hold the leg fatigue. With it, I'm also going to the bus. " However, through a lot of berths, the girl still didn't "suffer" down. It was said that the girl earlier made the other guy. Looks like he realized something. Yes, he really sick car. And while tired, the car asked the car to yield him uncomfortable. Of course, he could not yield and find the sickness to refuse. But I don't need to say more comparisons. Perhaps the hot erotica made him unable to control their emotions and hurt his father's old father. The level with the elderly, the beautiful behavior of the public is something that everyone should do. The young people have no longer assume that they have to follow certain standards. They want to work they like. Even many people don't need to care about others think about themselves. More posts, there are people who want to go against their fine net clinic to despite themselves into a celebrity. * The article shows the views of reader.

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