Que Van Shows Off Photos After 4 Days Of Birth, People Are Beautiful Like Girls 18

Besides, Que Van also posted a photo to re-examine alone, without husbands that caught Note 200:00 / 2: 54 Nam Date 10/7, Que Van gave birth to a third son at an international hospital in Hanoi. It is known that the female singer chooses to be born usually, the baby weighs 3.7kg. The son named at home is a baby, the boy is her sweetness and a poor boyfriend. Van gave birth to the 3rd son on July 10 last day

. "I, grew up strongly, Brave, not fearful, always kind and how to use her son ", Que Van sent to a new son born. Here few hours, beautiful people posted pictures of fresh beauty at home. "Why choose birth normally, because women when crossing births are usually regenerated from the beginning, changing the meat
Being applying care technology to return after 9 months of ugly .... Promise the whole family 1 month abdomen I don't have to give birth, "Cinnamon Van wrote the singer of fresh technology to take care of the skin after birth. Under the comment section, fans praise the beauty of the three children and ask the secret to beautify the following Born. "Ms. Nice", "Genuine, two or 3 people or 3 people still like 18 are real," "stealing beautiful gourd, go to a beautiful birth, giving birth to this fast, who again. "," I shared my secret to sir "," Oh, I finished sharing the secret to losing weight after my birth, I could not reduce any weight loss. "
.. are the compliments of netizens . Before one day, female singer shares photos with his son to follow after birth. Known, go to the schedule of Mother and Baby, Cinnamon Vây goes out and take you to the hospital. The cultivator is re-examined alone after 4 days of birth. In the photo, Cinnamon fell in a discreet goods costume The body, this is essential for postpartum women. However, fans fell to realize that the female singer was not re-examined by a young boy. Van Writing. Sharing on Yan about driving self-examination after 4 days of childbirth, a calm singer: "I live strongly, never affect your child and do nothing to think of your baby's feelings. At It hurts, I know that you are also exhausted and exhausted with my mother to go out successfully to meet my mother. "Yano Yan, before that cinnamon used to share, the poor boyfriend could not escort two mother-related because of one The number of papers moved during the epidemic. Very happy to welcome the 3rd son born. In March last month, Que Van suddenly posted a public boy with an adultery boy. She froted to the rank of poor boyfriends who didn't deserve to make her husband and father. Que Van said: "But just because I just read my mother to sleep with my ex-wife even though you're divorced for a long time, now I don't believe it now. So my mother needs oath. Mom, but Dad didn't do it. I still needed to face it again. The oath with her father is not afraid. If I don't have to enlighten it soon, I'm willing to let me don't have a father. "8x singer and a poor boyfriend . The current boyfriend and boyfriend have more than 2 years of secret love. In November 2020, long legs confirmed pregnant boys with lover. 1 month later, Que Van publicly celebrated the other half. According to Que Van responded before, her boyfriend was an entrepreneur, having a witty, humorous, causing the singer to be herself when on the side. Since the public lover, Que Van regularly shares the moment of smell on social networks.

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