Que Van Suddenly Released A Message 5 Years Ago Was Considered To Be Changjiang, And Praised Her ‘good Too’

The message was supposed by Truong Giang's unexpectedly being recalled by Que Van. Newest, Que Van suddenly posted a series of messages that was said to be his ex-boyfriend and Truong Giang's boyfriend 5 years ago causing many people to flutter. She said, these are two men who love love and cheat her love. "Therefore also looked up into the sky and wondered, why do I love everyone wholeheartedly and the man also said a question: 'I'm good with you' too. But why am I good to meet the bastard ? Nobody can answer the household

. A person tells me to love the foolish. He told me to feel cold. People C
.. But in order for me to know the reason and completely accept It is only 2 words 'paying karma'. In the message, this person also compliments her "good" to testify. In addition, Que Van also said that the fact that the two old boyfriends are to help them better up: "In the life of 2 people Men. 1 assistant in 2016, 1 person to deceive love, trick money, ventricular ventricles, leave me. They are all the people who devoted their feelings. But you, I have to let them better. Seeing the previous person now is not very kind and have a happy family? " Remove messages with suspicious account is Changjiang's and just leave a message with a silver boyfriend later. The dynamics of Que Van make the lover not out of the discussion
The couple has been interested by many audiences.

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