Quynh Nga Hoa ‘muse’ When He Wears A Pure White Dress

Tinh Khoi White Dress, Quynh Nga Hoa Beautifully gentle poetry Make many passionate people. New here, on my personal page, she "Princess Crocodile" Quynh Nga has attracted many attention when posting Series of pure white dresses, chemize the beautiful little poetry. The actor also attached the caption: "Nothing big I am proud of the woman I have today, because I have Over a while becoming her. If you are still flowers there is no owner, keep calm then the other half will come ". The more white as gentlemanly slightly lovingly

. After posting, the actress's image quickly received a lot of love with a comment comment from artist friends, fans and netizens. Everyone also rubbed the beautiful beauty especially the shape of the actress in the picture. Thereby proving that her little attraction
Over the past, Quynh Nga welcomed the age of 33. Due to social relaxation, this birthday, Quynh Nga could not hold a Linh Dinh banquet, gathered the group of close friends As previous years. Even so, she still feels warm and happy because people are interested in. Linh (T / H)

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