Raising 3-year-old Daughter Like Ngọc Nga, But The Mother Unexpectedly Gave The Coyot ‘girl Shoe’

Behind the girl's photo of a little girl, eating the beachfront package is looking forward to educating children about love, sharing and charming what are the mother's mother.0: 00/3: 16 nam in the commune This association, there are babies born who have enjoyed a life full enough, affluent, but there are many small situations even though they have to work hard. See clearly that opposite painting and desire to create Experience to educate children, Ms. Thu Trang has made the set of photos of "shoes with shoes" with the character of her daughter told him this year 3 years old. The image of the heart of many parents About the rich gap

. Share with Infonet about the idea of shooting photos, Ms. Thu Trang said: "On a trip to visit General Vo Nguyen Giap in Quang Binh, when I entered the Great Tomb area I passed through one The road quite long that the two sides appeared for children about 2.3 years or a little larger to hold flowers and incense to invite the delegations to buy to visit
Images of small children lacking clothes The face of the nose must help my parents make me really feel extremely seen because while my child is still being eliminated, living a prosperous life, you have to struggle to help your parents live Leaving life. Can my child's life is not too high but it must be the dream of small friends like that. Modern life is too full and chemical happy can make children forget It took one thing to appreciate life, cherish what I am there, I want you to know outside society with many small little lucky friends, more unfortunate than me. So I took photos of "baby Shoe polish "with the desire after experiencing a little life of a baby must be spreading a living, I will share and love you have less lucky and most important circumstances that I have to know Tran We strongly have, cherishing my current life ". The main object in the picture is Baby told him (3 years old) the image that carries the desire to educate children about love Love, share and cherish what I have. For children to experience a baby's unbelieving shoe, wandering around the road, sun resist probably a brave action for one person Mom. The page added: "Maybe now I have no longer understand the value of life but when you grow up when you look back at the child's photo will understand the meaning of the experiences I have done in the image". The image describes a hard working day of a baby shoe as well as the moments I dream like many other small friends as being bought a toy, eat a delicious meal, getting a smooth warm blanket Bracelet my parents ..
. "The picture of the baby is sleeping is the picture of me most seriously, every time I watch the photo, I feel and chok up," she caught the sharing page. Ask why she gave me the word "princess" turned into a "shoe baby", the picture was psyched with the opportunity for the child to experience the surrounding life, helping them understand the lesson of love love, Know cherish what the child is. This set of photos has been done 2 months ago but until I have a new bravely shared new page. "I took me a lot of photos, but this was the first time to take a picture without dare to post Facebook because I was" afraid ", because this set was completely different from other photos, I was afraid everyone told me" badly Slightly "take a picture" bad "for me. But think again, no matter how people say it, what I want to go through the image is the viewer who can understand the small message that my child is sent, that is the commune The association has a lot of difficult circumstances, educating children early on sharing, sympathy and knowing ". Photos of" Shoes "impressing not in investment in technical or chemistry The page in the mind and educational purpose of the implementer. In addition, in the artistic perspective, he told him that he also showed a convincing pregnancy about a little baby from the baby. Thanks for the message that the image has conveyed! Bach Duong: NVCC

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