Ramos Supports Messi To Win The Golden Ball 2021

Sergio Ramos midfielder wants to want his teammates at PSG as Lionel Messi to win the Golden Ball 2021.0: 00/1: 13 NAMRAMOS and Messi domains (right). Interview with ESPN, Ramos said its views like Following: "Messi is having a good form and I think, he is a real player to make a difference. Messi is unique and honored to have him in the team. I think the players will Dedressing what its best so PSG becomes more greater and achieved the goals that BLD set out, "Real Madrid's former captain said"

. When asked about whether Messi won the golden ball 2021, Ramos replied: "Yes, of course I will support my teammates. I wish the luckiest things to Messi ".Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi have spent many years of fighting on the grass during the coat of Madrid and players Chabarcelona, but this couple is currently a teammate of each other in Paris Saint-Germain
The Spanish player and the Argentine were first played together yesterday (November 28) when Ramos had a debut in the 3-1 victory of PSG Previously-Etienne . Also in the top match, Messi set up "hat-trick tectonics" to help PSG reverse defeat the home team with a score of 3-1. * 2021 Golden balls will take place at 2:30 on November 30 (Vietnam time) at Châtelet Theater, Paris (France) .Theo Duy Hong / Bongdaplus

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