Range Rover Sport Svr And Test On ‘no Time To Die’ Of 007

During the blockbuster 'spy 007: No Time to Die', the new Range Rover Sport SVR will play an important role in many gay action scenes, which are shown their own excits, including off-road capability Impressive.00: 00/01: 13Video: James Bond's new movie is extremely harsh test for Range Rover Sport SVR.The backstage "spy 007: No Time to Die" shows the SUV brand High performance is performing dramatic chasing scenes. Two new Range Rover Sport SVR 2021 are pushed to the pole of action phases, and it's a perfect script to the luxurious, Powerful SUV of Land Rover has the opportunity to show off the onions. The dynamic of the SUV Range Rover Sport SVR model is authenticated, without the help of CGI (images created by computers) or anything

. Stunt Lee Morrison shared that Range Rover Sport SVR is a great choice for this scene because the car has durability and impressive ability. The new behind-the-scenes of "spy 007: No Time to Die" shows High-performance SUVs are performing dramatic puzzle scenes. SVR cars used in "No Time to Die" have specially adjusted suspension systems like production models, thoroughly Master of the Fabrication Center (SVO) of Land Rover manufacturing to bring more sensitive handling ability and stricter body control without affecting comfort
Double Range Rover Sport SVR terrain in the upcoming blockbuster of actor Daniel Craig has gray gray paint gray, optional Carbon Pack options and 22-inch alloy alloys Narvik, comes with tire terrain tunnel. Currently, customers can choose vehicle specifications similar to cars in the movie "No Time to Die" via online configuration. SVR cars are used in "No Time to Die" The suspension is adjusted especially the same as the models of production. Of course, the vehicle still uses the V8 supersonic engine for a capacity of up to 575 horsepower and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4 , 5 seconds, before rolling the maximum speed of 283 km / h - This helped Range Rover Sport SVR become the fastest land rover ever. Produced by Cary Joji Fukunaga, "No Time To Die "is the 5th part is also the end of the" spy 007 "series. The film will be released in theaters from September 30, 2021 in the UK and in the US on 8/10 / 2021.Thao Nguyen

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