Rangnick’s Promise After Officially Became Mu Coach

Manchester United officially announced the appointment of Ralf Rangnick as a new chief coach of the club. Night today (November 29), the Manchester United website officially announced that Ralf Rangnick has become the club's head coach. He reported that 3 days away, Ralf Rangnick would temporarily lead MU to the end of this season. After that, the 63-year-old German strategist will play a role in the Old Trafford team for 2 years. Photo: Man Utd Information on the manchester United on the club's home page: "Manchester United are happy to announce the appointment of Ralf Rangnick as an empty coach until the end of the season, depending on applying for a work permit

. After this period, Ralf and the club agreed to agree that he would continue the role of advisor in 2 years ". The Football Director of Mu John Murtough is happy:" RALF is one of the coaches and The innovation house is most respected in European Football Village. He is our No
1 candidate for a temporary management position. This reflects the invaluable leadership and skills he will bring the club after 4 decades of experience in training and manage. Everyone in Manchester United look forward to working with Ralf Rangnick during the coming time and then 2 years as a mentor ".Rangnick will have 2 and a half years in MU in 2 different roles. Photo: Getty in then, coach Ralf Rangnick also spent on sharing: "I am happy to join Manchester United and focus on making this season become successful with the club. Manchester United team is full of talent and The balance between young and experiences. All my efforts in the next 6 months are to help these players promote the potential, both personal as well as as a team. In addition, I also hope to receive support for the club's long-term goals under the advisor ". Manychester United also confirms Michael Carrick will continue to temporarily lead the team until the business visa Ralf Rangnick is complete. Manchester United thanked Lokomotiv Moscow for their cooperation and support in going to Ralf Rangnick to the Old Trafford team

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