Rape And Threatened: What To Do?

Lightness, both news, innocence, lack of guard has made you and many young girls suffer from the unexpected consequences.0: 00/3: 02 South "I'm scared, panic extremely before His threat. I asked for a job, paid the house and returned to my hometown. I thought it was escaped from him. Doubtful, I don't understand how he asked to visit my house

. Bring and fear extremely. Now I don't know how to do it to stay away from me and don't bother my family. He knows my house, will definitely not let me be alone
I still threatened to let the village, my neighbors know about us to see where my family hid his face, and I could get anyone. I think he will do it really. If he's longer Looking for me and bothering my family forever, I know what to do? "The image of the light, the news, innocence, the lack of warning made you and many young girls suffered incalculable consequences. But many of them are not as lucky like you. There are people who must be pregnant unintentionally, some people are tricked to sell into "Devil Devil", who is kidnapped for extortion, someone is raised to leave the house to leave and get deeper into the mud pool That, can't seem to escape. You are more fortunate than them. So I really agree with the opinions of the listeners recommend that you are strong and have to find a way to end this situation. However, if you are in your situation, everyone will feel scared, Kinh Hoang and disgusting. Maybe you were too shocked when I was forced, so I just tried to avoid, even thought that when I knew, people would despise you. You have forgotten that you are a person who is harmed, who needs to be protected, not a criminal
Will people despise those who force women but who reminds you? You can speak when you are a pressed person to work that I don't want? Of course, this is not easy to solve on January 1, on 2 and may be very difficult for you. But "not eating, kicking," once wants to have the second time, the third ... the actions he did with you is not love but desire and possession. Certainly, you can't let him force the relationship anymore anymore, can't let him threaten you now. Thanks to the intervention of authorities such as police, police, the help of around like his family, relatives, friends and his family. You must also prepare Spirit for the worst situations can happen. But even if he comes to find, there is a loudspeaker, even for the village you know - as what he has threatened, then you still have to show the position and definitive attitude. What is a scary hope, it can't be stretched, so strong and don't tremble or compromise before his threat. Because you and your family are as scared, the more water will be encroached on. The most important is still to change yourself, because no one can be with you all day, protecting and protecting you throughout your life . Moreover, without this guy, there was another guy. If you continue to be slightly, the news will have a day to fall into this situation 1 or a few more times. Learn how to protect yourself, set yourself to be vigilant, learn to share more with your family and friends. Nobody protects me better than yourself ./. Chau Anh / Vov2

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