Rappy Happy Happy Life Rapper Dinh Tien Dat With A 10-year-old Commune

From the date of marriage with the 10-year-old Swiss commune, Dinh Tien Dat is quite sealed on social networks.0: 00/1: 08 Southern Southern Tieng Born in 1981, he was known by the audience as a shift Rapper. The 9-year love story between Dinh Tien Dat and Hari Won was interested by the online community. Every beautiful love affairs on Hari Won.After breaking up this deep love affair, proceeding to marry the Swiss lady after 1 year dating

. He and Ms. Xa 9X officially got home in the end of December 2018.rapper Dinh Tien achieved marriage with a 10-year-old wife after 1 year of date
wedding day. Opposite this rumor, she used to respond: "Error at my sick, I wore a wedding dress too wide, looking out with a vote. Let me try to have a gourd ". The couple likes to take photos according to nostalgic style.Hai couple has a travel hobby. From the marriage, both always spend the whole time together, enjoy each other a happy living. South Rapper couple has a tourist interest and photography in nostalgic style. Male Rapper seems to be sealed and less appears on social networks. From the day to welcome new members, Tien Dat appears less on social networks, he spends time for more families in October 2019, Couple welcomes his first son, the name at home is Finn. Currently, the couple has a life of marriage for the son's son
On the personal page, he regularly publishes the ordinary moment of "kid" on the personal page, South Rapper regularly shows off her son. Currently, Dinh Tien Dat has a life of Marriage for Ms. Xa 9x and The son's son

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