Rare And Precious Python Stocks Are 2.5m Long For Natural Forests

Lien Chieu Forest Protection Forest has released a natural forest of a 2.5m long precious python that has appeared in the center of Da Nang City.0: 00/0: 55 Nou southern September 23, Lien Chieu Forest Protection (Da Nang) said the unit released rare and precious python (Name of Phyhon Recticulatus) on natural forests in sub-zone 4A, Nam Hai Van special-use forest. Functional volume released python Nam Hai Van special-use forest. (Photo: LLCN provided) earlier, on September 15, people discovered the python lying on a large tree at Duong Dang Huytra (Hoa Minh Ward, Lien Chieu District)

. Some people have pulled this python down and arrested. Later, when receiving a notice from the forest rangers, people have passed this rare and precious python to drop to natural forests. At the time of stock, this python is about 17kg, 2
5 long meters, healthy status. Information from Lien Chieu Forest Protection Beads said that from the beginning of the year until now, the unit has received and dropped to natural forests 1 individual pig tail, 1 small cu li, 1 Turtle individual.lt

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