Rare Audi S8 2021 To Vietnam With Toxic Colors For The Giant Of The Water

Normally, large sedan lines are often imported with luxurious versions instead of the Audi S8 for those who are passionate about both speed. To large sedans, people often mention Mercedes-Benz s- Class and BMW 7-Series that will probably neglect Audi A8. In Vietnam, Audi cars in general and A8 in particular are often not preferable as opponents, so the number of A8 rolls on the road is not much. Hellish, a private enterprise with a private car S8 sample - is considered a high performance version of A8. So far, this business has brought about 2 units

. The latest one stands out even when wearing a green paint. This is a rare paint color on a f-rank sedan in Vietnam because most of these vehicles are often taken with black, white or silver - the "safe" colors for rich choices to choose a partner . With green paint, this Audi S8 is easily recognized when rolling on the road
This paint color is also for giants who want to buy a car with a matching color. Overall design face, Audi S8 is no different from A8. Some different details can be mentioned as the "S8" logo section appears on the Calang side also the tail and the big wind cavity in advance. The car is equipped with a 5-pin set of 21 inches with carbon ceramic brakes inside. Audi also helps identify the S8 with 2 double exhaust pipes parallel to each other with A8. These details make the car look more sporty than the inherent luxury appearance of the A8 line. Furniture on Audi S8 is coordinated with two-tones of cowhide and black skin. It is a line aimed at the sports style but the Cabin S8 is not very sporty but has a luxurious type design. At first glance, it is possible to confuse S8 interior with A8. Some details to identify S8 from matte aluminum cladding, diamond stitching chairs and S8's most prominent badge compared to A8 is the engine
6-cylinder engine blocks have been removed by Audi, instead of a 4-liter V8 engine block for a maximum capacity of 563 horsepower, 800 Nm torque, automatic 8-level gearbox combination Tronic. The active type of radiotive type suspension is arbitrarily and automatically adjusts the road on the camera's scan. German brand said in the most sedan configuration This sedan is equipped with 5 radars, 6 cameras, 12 Ultrasonic touch and laser scanner. In technology, Audi is always confident in the top of the segment. The Audi S8 foreign market has a price of $ 129,000 (equivalent to VND 2.9 billion). Selling prices of cars in Vietnam have not been revealed. Photo: Phan Dung

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