Rare Images Of North Korean Leaders With Children With Children

On the occasion of the 27th anniversary of Lost Chairman Kim Nhat Thanh (July 8, 1994-8 / 7/2021), looking back at the moment of close to the children of the Founder of Korea. Kim Nhat Thanh Born on April 15, 1912 and died on July 8, 1994. He was the founder of the Democratic Republic of Korea. The President Kim Nhat Thanh always received the beloved affection of teenagers and children in Korea. Chairman Kim Nhat Thanh took pictures with schools Born at Mangyongdae Park in April 1982

. President Kim Nhat Thanh visited a secondary school in Korea in August 1959. Chairman Kim Nhat Thanh met with Korean students and students to study from Japan Map of the country in September 1972. The close photos of President Kim Nhat Thanh with the students in October 1957
Chairman Kim Nhat Thanh looked at a Korean child who was writing in May 1958 . President Kim Nhat Thanh talked intimately with the student in May 1961. Chairman Kim Nhat Thanh took a shoe for a children in March 1971. Thanh in November 1959. President Kim Nhat Thanh examined the books and studies of a children's child in December 1969.Kong Anh (Source: The Korean Embassy at Vietnam)

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